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Research on perservative alternatives

Researchers at Ohio State University are looking at ways to preserve food without the use of artificial preservatives.

The institute’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has created a university-industry consortium to further the development of – and provide access to – the licensing of a new, innovative manufacturing technology.

The scientists have developed a way to preserve foods and beverages using wholesome, recognisable ingredients.

Not only does their method eliminate artificial preservatives but also reduces the amount of heat required in the process.

Called ultra-shear technology (UST), this new method of high-pressure-based shear technology will allow beverage companies to manufacture healthier beverages by reducing thermal exposure through the combined application of elevated pressure, shear, and controlled times and temperatures.

“Healthier beverage options that health-conscious consumers want that aren’t preserved using chemical additives and preservatives with names they can’t pronounce,” said Professor VM “Bala” Balasubramaniam, who is leading the project.

His laboratory – with a multidisciplinary team of microbiologists, chemists, and nutritionists – investigates innovative food manufacturing technologies and then works with industry to implement them.

And it’s not just drinks that might soon be preserved in a much healthier way.

UST can also be used by food manufacturers in the healthier processing of sauces, condiments, and other foods.



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