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Return of the Mountain Vets

In series two of Mountain Vets (Friday, October 2, BBC Two) we return to the spectacular Kingdom of Mourne, and the vets who are the lifeblood of this unique country community.

In the town of Downpatrick, Cahir is racing to an urgent call-out from a local pedigree sheep breeder, whose prize ewe is having difficulty in labour. Cahir must perform an emergency C-section.

Vet Nuala, is the longest serving vet in the practice and she arrives to tend to a calf with an infected hoof.

She diagnoses a deep-rooted infection and the only choice is to put the calf down or take on a challenging amputation.

Back at the clinic, terrier Kim has been rushed to the clinic because her owner thinks she’s swallowed rat poison.

Young vet Daisy has to act quickly to induce vomiting if she is going to neutralise the poison, which could be fatal.

Vet Jennie – the most recent arrival to the veterinary practice – is seeing a newborn lamb who has been brought to the clinic by its dedicated young owner, farmer Stephen.

The lamb’s leg has a bad break and Jennie tries to put a cast in place with the hope it will walk normally again.

Finally, on Nuala’s last day of work before her wedding, nurse Genevieve is up to mischief.

A local wedding tradition known as a ‘doing’ involves friends of the bride-to-be dousing her in buckets of gunge. Nuala’s last day ends with some very messy laughter.



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