Ribbons and prizes galore at Hagan’s Croft

Hagans Croft final BR Farm
ELEMENTARY: Danielle Hammond and ‘Tanino’ came third in the Elementary class at the final and second in the league at Hagan’s Croft. (FW32-589NN)

SATURDAY, August 4 saw the final of Hagan’s Croft’s Summer dressage for all league. Horses and riders were turned out immaculately and some very accurate tests were ridden in front of judge Lynsey Craig. The final was open to all competitors, although only those who had qualified were entitled to be placed within the league, therefore two separate prize givings took place.

The Intro class was the largest class on the day, with Shannon McClurg, a new face to Hagans Croft, certainly making her mark on this venue, riding into first place on ‘Comanche Arrow’ with a score of 69.35%. Holly Reilly on her 25 years young gelding ‘Just Jake’, rode into second place on 68.48% and, not far behind, Robyn Hartley on ‘RV Live for Now’ gaining third place with 68.04%.

NOVICE: Rachel Freil and ‘Alghan Nipper’ won the Novice class at the final and came second in the league at Hagan’s Croft. (FW32-588NN)

Within the league, no-one could catch Robyn Hartley on ‘RV Live for Now’, who claimed first prize along with a Bluegrass Goodie Bag including a Bluegrass horse feed voucher and eggs from Spring Mount Farm Free Range eggs. A worthy second place was awarded to Holly Reilly and ‘Just Jake’, who also received a Blue Grass Horse feed goodie bag and Spring Mount Farm Free Range Eggs.

In the Newcomers class, placings on the day within the top six competitors were extremely close, however, storming ahead from the rest was Heather Hillen on ‘Lisdoon Eddie’ with a score of 69.6%. Second place was awarded to Sarah Carse on ‘Star’ with 62.2%, while Patricia Martin and ‘Bella’ were a close third place on the day.

Within the Newcomers league – taking home first prize and a Bluegrass Goodie bag, voucher and Spring Mount Farm Free Range Eggs was Heather Hillen on ‘Lisdoon Eddie’. Second place was awarded to Patricia Martin on ‘Bella’, again taking home Bluegrass Horse Feed prizes and eggs from Spring Mount Farm.

Within the Prelim class, Lynsey Craig had some hard decisions to make. On the day, it was Gail Hadden who came out on top with a well earned score of 69.77% on her cob ‘Diesel’. Rachel Freil on ‘Alghan Nipper’ wasn’t far behind with a score of 69.09%. A split hair could have separated the top two competitors within the League placings. However, out on top by a fraction and awarded the red league ribbon, Bluegrass Horse Feeds voucher, goodie bag and Spring Mount Farm products was Emma Connelly on ‘Mullaghdrin Cointreau Lady’, followed by Rachel Freil on ‘Alghan Nipper’.

On the day, a total of four competitors rode a Dressage Ireland Novice test, where two competitors ended on a score of 68.06% and the other two ended on a score of 66.29%. Therefore, it was down to the collective and walk marks to separate them into first to fourth placings. First went to Rachel Freil on ‘Alghan Nipper’; second was Emma Andrews on ‘Waggledance’; third was Amy Harvey on ‘Crossowen Timmy’ and fourth went to Jennifer McCann on ‘Oakhill Charm’. These placings were then turned for the league placings, with Amy Harvey and ‘Crossowen Timmy’ out in first place, Rachel Freil and ‘Alghan Nipper’ in second place, followed by Emma Andrews and ‘Waggledance’ in third.

The last class of the day was Elementary 44, 2002, where again Hagan’s Croft saw a new face to their league and certainly making their mark with the highest score of the day was Helen Faulkner and the Connemara gelding ‘Derrivane Danny’ with 76.8%. This is a score worthy of Hagan’s Croft’s dressage record book!

Second was Elaine Morrow on ‘Ardenza Gem’ with 67.06%. Elaine Morrow was certainly on a winning streak, as not only did she gain second place on the day, but she also rode into first place within the league taking home a Bluegrass voucher and Goodie bag and Spring Mount Farm Free Range Egg produce. The blue league ribbon was awarded to Danielle Hammond on ‘Tanino’ also taking home Bluegrass Horse Feed and Spring Mount Farm prizes.

Hagan’s Croft would like to extend a huge thank you to all the competitors who supported this event throughout the five weeks. Thanks also go to the judges and scribes, Coreen Abernethy, David Patterson, Mark Robinson and Lynsey Craig. To all the stewards, who keep the league running so smoothly every week! A massive thank you to the league sponsors Bluegrass Horse Feeds and Spring Mount Farm Free Range Eggs. Thank you to Black Horse Photography for covering the event throughout the five weeks – all photographs can be purchased from Black Horse photography’s website.

Hagan’s Croft is now preparing to start their five-week Working Hunter league starting on Saturday, September 22. Please visit the website: www.haganscrofteqestrian.co.uk or facebook page for more details or contact Gillian on 07849 106453.


Saturday, August 4

Class 1 – British Dressage, Intro A, 2008: 1) Shannon McClurg, Comanche Arrow 69.35; 2) Holly Reilly, Just Jake 68.48%; 3) Robyn Hartley, RH Live for Now 68.04%; 4) Sarah McClay, Tigger 67.61%; 5) Carol Henry, Trendseeker 66.52%; 6) Maria Kelly, Bonney 66.3%.

Class 2 – Newcomers – British Dressage, Prelim 12, 2005: 1) Heather Hillen, Lisdoon Eddie 69.6%; 2) Sarah Carse, Star 62.2%; 3) Patricia Martin, Bella 62 51%; 4) Ashleigh Carlisle, Eve 61.6%; 5) Delilah Dillon, Dandy 61.4%; 6) Susie Kinley, Tippy 61.2%.

Class 3 – British Dressage, Prelim 4, 2002: 1) Gail Hadden, Diesel 69.77%; 2) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper 69.09%; 3) Emma Connelly, Mullaghdrin Cointreau Lady 66.82%; 4) Deborah McAlister, Inch by Inch 66.14%; 5) Ashleigh Carlisle, Eve 65 53%; 6) Clara Potts, Gucci 64.77%.

Class 4 – Dressage Ireland Novice Test N23, 2012: 1) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper 68.06%; 2) Emma Andrews, Waggledance 68.06%; 3) Amy Harvey, Crossowen Timmy 66.29%; 4) Jennifer McCann, Oakhill Charm 66.29%.

Class 5 – British Dressage, Elementary 44, 2002: 1) Helen Faulkner, Derrivane Danny 76.8%; 2) Elaine Morrow, Ardenza Gem 67.6%; 3) Danielle Hammond, Tanino 66.6%; 4) Emma Andrews, Waggledance 65.8%.


Class 1 – Intro: 1) Robyn Hartley, RV Live for Now; 2) Holly Reilly, Just Jake; 3) Carol Henry, Trendseeker; 4) Noleen Tate, Chocolate Chip; 5) Patricia Martin, Bella; 6) Zara Burney, Jaffacake.

Class 2 – Newcomers: 1) Heather Hillen, Lisdoon Eddie; 2) Patricia Martin, Bella; 3) Sarah Carse, Star; 4) Ashleigh Carlisle, Eve; 5) Susie Kinley, Tippy; 6) Delilah Dillon, Dandy.

Class 3 – Prelim: 1) Emma Connelly, Mullaghdrin Cointreau Lady; 2) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper; 3) Gail Hadden, Diesel; 4) Ashleigh Carlisle, Eve; 5) Deborah McAlister, Inch by Inch; 6) Clara Potts, Gucci.

Class 4 – Novice: 1) Amy Harvey, Crossowen Timmy; 2) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper; 3) Emma Andrews, Waggledance.

PRELIM: Gail Hadden and ‘Diesel’ won the Prelim class at the final and came third in the league at Hagan’s Croft. (FW32-587NN)

Class 5 – Elementary: 1) Elaine Morrow, Ardenza Gem; 2) Danielle Hammond, Tanino; 3) Emma Andrews, Waggledance.


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