Rostrevor ‘Blues’ top the charts

QUALITY: Rostrevor Gaberal – who ranks in the top 1 per cent of the breed for Ease of Calving on the Genus Calving survey.

ROSTREVOR Pedigrees was top scorer again as it took home two first prizes from Castlewellan Show last weekend for Best in Class – this comes just weeks after the herd was sought out by Genus Breeding, which has bought four of its British Blues.

Genus Breeding is part of the world’s leading provider of bovine genetics and reproduction services, marketing in more than 70 countries around the globe.

Rostrevor Pedigrees first came to the attention of Genus in 2013, when its representatives visited Martin and Paschal McGinn to view the herd which is comprised of British Blues and Charolais.

At that time it purchased a British Blue, Rostrevor Gaberal (born 2011).

In what’s been described by Genus representatives as ‘unprecedented’, the company returned to Rostrevor some weeks ago to purchase three more British Blue bulls from the same bloodline as Rostrevor Gaberal – Lucky, Leo and Lad.

National Beef Sales Manager Arwel Owen said: “Gaberal is in the top five sellers for Genus ABS today. He ranks in the top 1% of the breed for Ease of Calving on the Genus Calving survey – a true testament  to the genetics provided by Rostrevor British Blues.”

The 60-strong herd, developed by Martin and Paschal McGinn since 2008, has scooped a number of awards, including two First in Class at Castlewellan Show last weekend and a number of firsts in club shows.

The breed is known for its easy temperament. British Blues are considered ideal for both commercial and dairy farmers as they are robust and produce a high yielding carcase. Also when cross bred the proportion of difficult calving is less than those experienced with other large continental beef breeds.

The McGinns have sold many pedigree British Blues and Charolais locally and as far afield as County Kerry, including British Blue Rostrevor George – Rostrevor Gaberal’s brother – to AI Services, Antrim.


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