Royals impressed by Mother Bee

Mother Bee Royal visit BR Farm
INTERESTED: Right. Prince Charles was interested in the history of Mother Bee and Cheryl’s future plans for the company. (FW36-565NN)

CHERYL McWilliams from Armagh was honoured recently when she, as proprietor of natural skincare company Mother Bee, was invited by The Lord Lieutenant of County Tyrone, Robert Scott to attend a Royal visit from Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Rolltack and a few other local businesses were also invited to attend the visit, which took place in Gortin, Co. Tyrone.

Mother Bee was founded by Cheryl in 2014 and was named after her late mother, who left her a secret family recipe… This original recipe, made with beeswax, natural and essential oils went on to become ‘Soothe & Protect’. The recipe has been traced back to Cheryl’s great-grandfather, Thomas Wright from Co. Tyrone. This popular product now has a multitude of uses and still is the flagship product within the Mother Bee range, although Cheryl has since developed a number of other products, which have also been very well received.

FRAGRANT: The Duchess of Cornwall enjoying the fragrance of one Mother Bee product. (FW36-564NN)

It was a huge honour for Cheryl to meet the Royal couple and she had a great chat with them both about her products.

She said: “Both of them were lovely. The Duchess was interested in how the product worked and Prince Charles asked about the history and what the future plans were for the products. They were both very impressed by the speed at which the product works and how many different types of animals it works on…

“Camilla even had to get some products home with her too!” Cheryl concluded.

“Just beautiful,” Camilla declared after sniffing one of the pots of the secret family recipe.

Cheryl is the fourth generation of her family to make the recipe, but the first to bring it to market.

“The recipe has been handed down the generations, it can be used on all animals and helps heal wounds in weeks that might otherwise have taken months to heal,” Cheryl said.

PRODUCT RANGE: Cheryl chats to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall about her Mother Bee products. (FW36-563NN)

Mother Bee now has a wide range of skincare products for human and animal use, as well as leather balm and candles. The company is based in Benburb, Co. Tyrone and can be found in a number of equestrian and agricultural outlets around the country, as well as online at


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