Rugs, sweat and rain scald

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RUGS: Right, Old Mill Saddlery stocks a huge range of horse rugs from quality brands, such as Horseware, Weatherbeeta and Masta. (FW43-500NN)

WE’RE well and truly into Autumn now and, while we dread the dark nights and cold mornings, we can’t help but smile sweetly to ourselves when our horses are rugged up and tucked in for the night with a rack full of haylage.

One debate horse owners inevitably discuss each year is the need for rugs. Does your horse need a rug? Probably not. However, the needs of each horse are individual and if you plan on keeping your horse fit throughout the winter, it’s a good idea to clip, in which case they will need to be rugged.

The main advantages of clipping your horse are that the horse’s condition will be better maintained, as they won’t sweat as much during exercise, they’ll dry more quickly after exercise and general management of the horse’s coat is much easier.

In our Ballycarry, County Antrim superstore you’ll find an excellent range of Wolseley and Liveryman clippers, clipper blades and accessories.

We also offer an efficient clipper blade re-sharpening service for just £15.95, which includes postage back to your address to avoid the hassle of re-collecting.

Sweat and management of the horse is one of the main reasons horse owners decide to clip their horses. The Horseware Rambo dry rug is made with microfibre towelling cloth. The quick dry rug dries your horse in record time, absorbing moisture to leave a high gloss and smooth finish, making it ideal for use after exercise over the winter. You can find this rug for just £93.95 in store and online on our website:

It’s very important if you decide to clip your horse that he’s rugged appropriately for the style of clip he has. Many horse owners use multiple, thinner rugs to build up the layers of protection.

At Old Mill Saddlery, we stock a huge range of horse rugs from quality brands, such as Horseware, Weatherbeeta and Masta. We strive to deliver the best quality products with excellent value.

Some of our popular rugs include Amigo Hero Ripstop Plus Medium Turnout 200g £94.95, featuring a 600D ripstop super tough, waterproof and breathable outer. Or, the Weatherbeeta Comfitec Premier Thinsulate Combo Neck Turnout Heavy is made from strong and durable 1200 denier ripstop outer at £143.95.

One condition horse owners should be aware of, particularly in horses that are still out at this time of year, is rain scald. Rain scald is caused by a bacterium, which is a normal inhabitant on the horse’s skin. It forms as an infection, which is characterised by crusty scabs on the skin when this bacteria is exposed to persistent wetting and/ or damage to the skin. Prevention is always better than cure. With rain scald, it is best to practice good hygiene, such as daily grooming with clean brushes. A wide variety of brushes can be found at

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