Samson introduces new two-axle Universal Spreader


AFTER having introduced the three-axle Samson US3 universal spreader at Agritechnica 2017, Samson has now expanded its US series with a two-axle spreader – the US2, on show for the first time at Agritechnica 2019.

US 2 is a high efficiency and high capacity wide box spreader aimed at the professional contractor. The volume of US2 ranges from 23cu.m. and up to 35cu.m. The spreading equipment of the US series offers plenty of adjustments for always ensuring optimum spreading pattern.

The actual spreading is done with two large spreading discs of 118cm diameter. The wings and rear gate can be set in different ways so the optimal spread pattern can be achieved in many different types of materials.

“Samson US2 is a brand new series in a completely new design. It has a capacity never seen before in the market, made possible via the wide box, large horizontal beaters and the large and effective spreading discs. We optimised the complete power chain to transfer even more power to the spreading table, which secures a never before seen spreading capacity – up to 30-40 per cent more powerful than other known spreaders,” says product manager of muck and universal spreaders by Samson, Gabriel Lund.

The US2 can be equipped with load cells which allows both static and dynamic weighing.

Using static weighing, the control system, SpreadMaster 8500, measures the weight of the spreader in a parked position before and after it has been loaded. Using dynamic weighing, the system is constantly weighing the material in the spreader and continuously adjusting the machine parameters according to the weight and the set values in the terminal, this ensures that the set number of tonnes per hectare is being spread.

With Variabel Rate Application (VRA/TC-GEO), the dosage can be set and adjusted according to application maps. The system automatically adjusts the carpet speed in relation to the set dosage on the map and the actual weight of the material in the spreader. The result is a very accurate dosage to provide the optimal growth and yield in the crops.

For the new US2 spreader series, Samson has also developed a unique patented active hydraulic tensioning system for the carpet chain. By utilizing hydraulic cylinders used in Samson’s new system, it is possible to keep the right tension both while unloading and reversing the chain. The new system reduces the risk of a broken or ruined carpet chain, which prolongs the lifetime of the chains.

For the coming season, the US2 will be released in limited number in selected markets.


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