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Sauce specialist Carolyn turns up the flavour

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Innovative Jerk Seasoning and Chilli Fruit Sauces have been developed and launched by artisan entrepreneur Carolyn Stewart, also a well-known radio broadcaster and presenter in Northern Ireland, to her product range.

The range also features eye-catching new branding. The company is a Food NI member.
The novel products are the result of development work by Carolyn, a popular presenter on U105 radio, over the past 12 months during the coronavirus lockdown.

She has also created an attractive new branding for the innovative products under her new Carolyn Stewart – Turn up the Flavour brand.

Carolyn fine-tuned her chili infused fruit sauces along with the latest addition of Jerk Seasoning during the last lockdown.
Carolyn says: “While the restaurants and cafes remained closed during the lockdown, one thing to come out of Covid-19 was a desire among consumers for flavoursome food.

“I was well aware that cooking at home became the new night out.

“While I was no longer mixing up the tunes on a Saturday night I turned to my kitchen to fine tune my chilli infused fruit sauces and most exciting to perfect my Jerk Seasoning product.”

The award-winning Caribbean Pickle, along with the Pineapple Chilli products, where the first to undergo the new label transformation, incorporating Carolyn’s love of music and food infusions under the new brand.

Carolyn continues: “So far everyone is loving the new look label. It’s a bit of retro feel that makes the product stand out a bit more on the shelves, but what I wanted most was for people to turn up the flavour of their everyday food with my easy to add ingredients’ straight from the jar!

“The new products are ideal for the upcoming BBQ season.”
The new additions to the product range are Blueberry Chilli Sauce, Raspberry Chilli Sauce, and Jerk Seasoning.

“The Jerk seasoning makes a great marinade for meats, and plant-based options, enhancing flavour but with a punch of heat to finish.

“The fruit sauces can be used in any dessert, cheese board, dipping sauce or mix up a cocktail to complement any dinner party,” Carolyn adds.

The Caribbean Pickle has two awards – Great Taste Award 2017 and a Blas Na Eireann Award in 2019.

Carolyn launched her first range of hot sauces under the Totally Hot NI brand in 2016.



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