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Alison Mastin Moore CD set BR Farm
JUDGING: Alison pictured Para judging in Norway, where she was Head of the Ground Jury for the European Championships. (FW50-505NN)

ALISON Mastin Moore is well-known in dressage circles and has a wealth of experience, including working with top dressage trainers, including Robert Hall FBHS, Rosemary Springer (Germany), Ferdi Eilberg and Gill Watson FBHS.

Alison rode her first Grand Prix horse at 17 and has assisted in the training of many more during her career. Now she concentrates on coaching all ages, as well as developing the Northern Ireland Youth Dressage Programme. With over 40 years experience as a British Dressage judge (List 1), as well as over 12 years as an FEI 5* Para Equestrian judge, Alison has a wealth of experience in what is required at all levels of dressage.

RIDING: Right, Alison riding the Irish Draught stallion, ‘Come T’. (FW50-504NN)

She has also been active in judge development, as a mentor, examiner and lead in the Northern Ireland Judges Group. Following on from this, and after receiving initial encouragement from other judges and a licence from the FEI, Alison has produced a superb educational set of three CDs, which answer many of the questions people ask about dressage. The series defines the paces and movements required at each level from Preliminary to Advanced Medium; FEI definitions, training scale notes and FEI suggested scores from that elusive 10 to the more moderate 5 are all covered in great detail. Lower scores are discussed, but not detailed. Listeners will hear FEI suggested terminology, explanations and, yes, repetitions to assist them in finding the right score to give as a judge, or to train for as a coach or rider. This is a great tool.

‘Score 10’ has been on the market since the summer and is now selling throughout the UK and Ireland and proving popular with all the groups they are aimed at – namely riders, judges and coaches.

Alison’s commentary is easy to understand and her voice certainly makes these CDs easy to listen to – whether in the car, in the house or in the stables!

CD 1 – Covers Preliminary level paces, movements and scales of training scores in an easy to listen to format.

CD 2 – Part 1, covers additional paces, movements and scores required at Novice level, and Part 2 does the same at Elementary level.

CD 3 – Covers the more advanced paces and movements required at Medium and Advanced Medium levels.

The track list on each CD will lead the listener straight to the sections they need.


Jane Peberdy, BD List 1 judge: “The CDs would be ideal to listen to anywhere… and they will help judges to use terminology and descriptions that support their scores. If anyone doesn’t read the FEI handbook, then they should listen to these.”

Islay Auty FBHS, BD List 2 judge: “These CDs sound good, very clear and structured. I can thoroughly recommend them.”

Robert Buck, GB Pony Driving Team Trainer: “Your wonderful CDs arrived this morning and I listened to the first one in rapture. They will be perfect, not just for the drivers, but also invaluable for the judges!”

Dressage Ireland: On the recommended listening for judges list.


The three CD collection – Preliminary to Advanced Medium can be bought at a cost of £35.50.

Alternatively, the CDs may be purchased separately – Score 10 CD 1 Preliminary £14; CD 2 Novice and Elementary £14; CD 3 Medium and Advanced Medium £14.

It is recommended to purchase the complete set, as work covered in the first CD is not repeated, even if relevant in the following CDs.


Anyone ordering two complete sets between now and December 28, will receive a £10 refund on the purchase price.

FAMILIAR FACE: Right, Alison Mastin Moore is well-known in dressage circles. (FW50-503NN)

For more information, look up the SCORE 10 website: or email: alisonmm66


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