SERC students ready to brave elements for SOS Bus sleep out


SIX South Eastern Regional College (SERC) students from the Level 3 Public Services course in Bangor will be taking part in the SOS Bus NI Sleep Out at Writer’s Square, Belfast, on Saturday, November 30, from 7pm until 7am on Sunday, December 1.

Irwin Pryce, Public Services Lecturer at SERC, said: “The students will brave the cold, wintery weather whilst being woken up to the background noise of sirens, traffic and footfall of people making their way home from a night out of partying.

“They will experience first-hand the difficulties many homeless people in our community contend with every night in a bid to raise money for SOS Bus NI, which provides safe spaces on the streets of Belfast during weekend nights.

“The local charity, which began in 2007, has engaged with over 351,489 people and provided medical and caring services to 13,711 vulnerable people since then.”

n You can donate to the SOS Bus NI Sleep Out at the student’s Just Giving page:


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