Seskinore Harriers celebrate a successful year

Seskinore prize night BR Farm
CONGRATULATIONS: Seskinore Harriers District Commissioner Karen McIvor congratulates Senior Club members Jara Hamilton, Dressage Improvement; Mary Kate Rice, Tetrathlon and Ellie May Johnston, second place at Area 17 Home Championships. (FW04-552JA)

ON Friday night last, January 17, members of Seskinore Harriers Branch of The Pony Club and their families gathered at Omagh Rugby Club for their annual Prize giving Night. This is always an enjoyable evening of good food, fun and dancing. DC Karen McIvor welcomed all in attendance and gave a comprehensive account of the Club’s activities in 2019. She thanked all families for their continued support and acknowledged her hard working committee.

Despite being a small club, there is active participation in all the disciplines provided by The Pony Club, which include competitions in Mounted Games, Quiz, Horse and Pony Care, Show jumping, Dressage, Tetrathlon and Eventing. The Seskinore moto is to “learn more with Seskinore” and to enjoy and embrace the challenge by having a go at all disciplines.

IMPRESSIVE: Seskinore Harriers District Commissioner Karen McIvor congratulates Sarah Boyle, winner of the Area 17 Horse and Pony Care Competition. (FW04-551JA)

Members from as young as four years of age, including Caroline Wallace, the club’s youngest member, were awarded prizes for their participation in weekly rallies and their impeccable turnout. The following members were particularly successful in Area 17 Competitions in the Summer of 2019 and awarded the following trophies.

The Club looks forward to an exciting year ahead.


Senior Dressage: Fergal McKinney was selected for Royal Windsor winning team and Area Dressage qualifying to Championships in England.

Junior Dressage: Sophia Williams was the Club’s highest placed novice competitor, achieving ninth place at Area 17 Dressage, which was a large class.

Junior Trials: Stewart Beattie, who has had a great year, taking part in Area 17 Games, Quiz, the horse and pony care competition and capping it all off with a first place at Home Championships in August Bank Holiday.

Senior Trials: The LW Surplus Trophy went to the Intermediate Trials team of Charley Love, Lindsay McIvor, Fergal McKinney and Scott McIvor placed third overall.

Air Pistol Shield was awarded to Sophia Williams, the club’s highest scoring competitor at the Area 17 Tetrathlon competition.

Blair Tetrathlon cup went to the Junior Girls Tetrathlon team of Charley Love, Sophia Williams, Amy McLaughlin and Claire Murnaghan. The girls qualified for and competed in the UK Championships in Off Churchbury in Warwickshire in August.

Bob Monteith Shield was won by the Lead Rein mounted games team of Catherine Beattie, Ellie Mae McCrory, Rylee McCrossan and Henry Coote, who finished in second place at the Area Mounted Games at the Meadows in May.

T&S Shield for the Horse and Pony Care competition went to Sarah Boyle and Kate Millar for coming first in Area 17 in their section.

TJ Patterson Trophy was awarded to Amy McLaughlin, who was fifth individual in the Novice section at Area 17 Show jumping and qualified for Championships in August.

Charlene Wilson Trophy was awarded for show jumping endeavours and this year went to Charley Love for her fantastic performance in the Open class at the Dengie Area final in Eglinton, winning a qualifying place for the finals last April.

Bruce McVeigh Trophy went to Jara Hamilton, who has worked extremely hard at improving her pony’s dressage and who this year passed two of the Pony Club proficiency tests.

Bridgit Kelly Trophy to the junior team of Ruby and Kate Millar, Kaitlin McCrory and Stewart Beattie, who were placed fourth in their class at Home Champs.

NIE Cup this year went to Mary Kate Rice, the club’s only minimus tetrathlete, who secured a fourth place at the Area competition.

Omaglass Trophy was awarded to Ellie May Johnston for tack and turnout at rallies. She worked hard, passed her C test and won fourth place at Home Champs.

McClintock Hunt Cup was awarded to Patrick Williams, one of the club’s few male members, who has taken part in dressage, eventing and tetrathlon, passed his C test and who has had outstanding success at tetrathlon, qualifying and taking part in the winter tri finals in England. After qualifying for Championships in England, he went on to take third place in the Junior Boys Competition.

ROLE MODEL: Seskinore Harriers District Commissioner Karen McIvor presents Kamryn McQuade with the award for Club Senior Role Model. (FW04-549JA)

Seskinore Hunt Cup went to Kamryn McQuade, who epitomises a good Pony Club role model, and member, one of the best attenders at rallies taking part in a wide range of the area competitions and all with a friendly, helpful, willing manner.


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