Shots fired in vegan war on Oz farmers

PROTEST: Vegans display their opposition to farming; (Photo: Direct Action Everywhere-Perth)

THE first shot has been fired in the vegan war on Australian farming.

Vegan activists in Western Australia are increasingly active in a campaign to end livestock farming by protesting at sale yards and filming farms.

Vegans do not consume meat, dairy, eggs or any other products of animal origin.

In the latest confrontation, a West Australian dairy farmer, identified by media as Jason Parravacini, was videotaped arguing with vegan activists taking photographs outside his farm.

The video shows a man discharging a shotgun, although not in the direction of the activists, an action the group said was representative of violence by farmers.

The development has Agriculture Minister David Littleproud calling for calm and agricultural leaders telling farmers to call police when activists threaten their properties.

“I call for all to remain calm and respectful,” Littleproud said. “Farmers have a right to farm without being harassed.

“I’m genuinely concerned there will be an incident in which someone be seriously hurt or worse,” he said.

A Western Australian Farmers Federation spokeswoman said it appeared the activists were deliberately provoking farmers.

“If people believe that there are people acting suspiciously, the best course of action is to … let the police deal with them,” she said.


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