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Show jumping at Portmore

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PORTMORE Equestrian Centre, Aghalee held another successful SJI Horse Show on Sunday, August 8.


Sunday, August 8

Horses – 80cm: =1) Vincent Meaney’s Baskin Cristelle, Mark Calvert; Heather Smith’s Cayado, Heather Smith; Mark Calvert’s Flight To Paris, Mark Calvert; Brian Hutchinson’s SVS Zeedam, Cathryn Hutchinson.

90cm: =1) Heather Smith’s Amber Vision, Heather Smith; Matin Rice’s Center of Maze, Vikki Fox; Markus Buser’s Mell Gibson, Angela Waras; David Conlon’s Muckno Mac, Amy McCarroll; Donna Campbell’s Something About Mary Lou, Donna Campbell; Norman Campbell’s Sophia Casallco, Norman Campbell.

1m: =1) Marian Kyle’s Brookfield Mystery, Marian Kyle; Philip Gaw’s Carnlea Sandy Beach, Edward Little; Niccola Hall’s Casanova, Niccola Hall; Ruth Cousins’s Guntouched, Ruth Cousins; Janie Cairns’s Kensington on the Ball, Janie Cairns; Noel Kane’s Rock Royal, Amy Kane; Martin Wilson’s Roundthorn Minerva, Edward Little.

1.10m: 1) Niccola Hall’s Ladykiller, Niccola Hall; 2) Victoria Brown’s Calgot Cruise, Victoria Brown; 3) Sarah Bailie’s Lisnamorrows Echoizer, Sarah Bailie; 4) Emma Canmore’s Chalatenango, Emma Canmore; 5) Richard Finlay’s Peppermill Clover, Sarah Bailie; 6) Joe McNamee’s SJ Nice Guy, Luke Campbell.

1.20m: 1) Samantha Kirk’s FSS Indigo, Samantha Kirk; 2) Charlotte Eakin’s Ursus, Charlotte Eakin; 3) Janie Cairns’s Premier Charlie, Janie Cairns; 4) Lucy Hanna’s Rock Storm, Patricia Stewart Greer; 5) Gareth Saunderson’s Pomme D’Api Van Overis, Gareth Saunderson; 6) Noletta Smyth & Roy Craig’s Mulvin Lui, Jonathan Smyth.

1.30m: 1) Jaymie Crawford’s Crystal Ben Magna, Jaymie Crawford; 2) Brogen McCrum’s Tailormade For Me, Brogen McCrum; 3) Karen Millar’s KPCM Diorio, Patricia Stewart Greer; 4) Samantha Kirk’s FSS Indigo, Samantha Kirk; 5) Orla McGlynn’s Oakingham Euro, Orla McGlynn; 6) Andrew Farren’s Holga, Andrew Farren.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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