Show-jumping centre for new city

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An equestrian centre to serve Northern Ireland is to be created in the Craigavon area.

A spokesman for the Commission states that the choice of Craigavon was justified because of its excellent road and rail communications, because a large site is available within the city park (giving adequate room for future expansion), and because a system of safe bridleways leading from the centre to open countryside could be provided.

Another feature is that the Development Commission can help in designing the centre.

That Craigavon should be the location for the regional centre was established when the development officer for the National Equestrian Centre at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire, Major Satow, met interested people at a meeting in Craigavon House.

Major Satow referred to the tremendous growth in horse riding during the past few years but said that in general there was a lack of facilities to give a sound level of training and instruction in the care of horses.

The major also commented that a demand exists for a regional centre in Northern Ireland and it was due to the lack of this facility that the Province was not participating fully in international events.

The meeting was attended by representatives of all equestrian interests in Ireland, the Rural Industries Development Committee, County Armagh Education Committee, the Tourist Board, County Armagh and Lurgan Show Committees, the Central Council of Physical Recreation and Craigavon Development Commission.

It was agreed to establish a working party to consider how financial support could be obtained from as many sources as possible and to consider the best means of securing the development of the centre.


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