Show jumping final approaches at Mill Yard

Mill Yard SJ BR Farm
JUMPING WELL: Rebekah Dudley on ‘Toretto’ jumped clear in the 80cm class at Mill Yard. (FW34-616NN)

THE Summer Show jumping League at Mill Yard Equestrian Centre, Anahilt, Hillsborough, continued on Fridays, August 10 and 17. Classes run from cross-poles through to 90cm and everyone gets two rounds regardless of faults. There are rosettes for everyone whether you are clear or not.

To qualify for prizes in the final at the end of August, horse and rider combinations must compete at five qualifying nights and the final.

CLEAR: Claire Stevenson on ‘Winston’ jumped clear in the 70cm class at Mill Yard. (FW34-615NN) PICTURES

Many thanks to Nomad Photography NI and Happy Chef for covering these events.

The Show jumping League finishes this Friday, August 24, starting at 6pm sharp with cross-poles, followed by the 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm and 90cm (allow half hour per class for start times), it is open to everyone even if you are not taking part in the league.

Catering is available each week.

The Jump Challenge League also finishes on Sunday, September 2 and again it is open to everyone, even if you are not taking part in the league.

For more information, check out or contact Lucy at or 07790 625794.


Friday, August 10

Double Clears

Cross Poles: Katherine Jordan, Jacob.

50cm: No Clears.

60cm: Brooke Rice, Monty; Anna Campbell, Nibbles; Madison Rice, Monty.

70cm: Kaitlin Kearns, Jacob; Claire Stevenson, Winston; Christine O’Neill, Primrose; Rebecca Dudley, Torretto.

80cm: Rebecca Dudley, Torretto; Gareth Quinn, Lady In Red; Barbara Kearns, Kitty.

90cm: No Clears.

Friday, August 17

Double Clears

Cross-Poles: No Clears.

50cm: No Clears.

60cm: Kaitlin Kearns, Diablo; Anna Campbell, Nibbles.

70cm: Kaitlin Kearns, Jacob; Rebecca Dudley, Torretto; Keva Milligan, Laurelvale Rose; Claire Stevenson, Winston; Gemma Cherry, Allies Dream.

80cm: Rebecca Dudley, Torretto; Barbara Kearns, Kitty.

COLOURFUL: Danni Froemling on ‘Ralphie’ competing in Class 6 at Mill Yard. (FW34-614NN)

90cm: No Clears.


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