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Show jumping fun at Knockagh View

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IT was an extremely warm day for Knockagh View’s show jumping – competitors had a nice relaxed day, taking home some prizes for their efforts. Thank you to the judge Paul Johnston, who as always kept everyone well entertained.

Knockagh View is starting a mid-week show jumping league over four weeks, starting on Wednesday, August 11 with classes starting from 30cm to 1m.


Show jumping

30cm: =1) Amelia Logan, Bart; =1) Maya Gillespie, Stelly (g); 3) Mia Kennedy, Top Aleysha (m); 4) Jen McIlrath, Tyson (g); 5) Florence Bannon, Heidi (m).

50cm: =1) Clodagh Floyd, Coco (m); =1) Poppy Bannon, Heidi (m); =1) Eva Turley, Bailey Boy (g).

60cm: 1) Becky Woodside, Montys Magic (g); 2) Erin Reid, Marshallstown Summer (m); 3) Eva Turley, Bailey Boy (g); 4) Amelia Bannon, Little Fun (g); 5) Kristina Fryers, Tapdancer (g).

70cm: 1) Sarah McCarthy, Ladyhill Cool Imp (m); 2) Courtney Goudie, Rushall Ruby (g); 3) Kristina Fryers, Tapdancer (g); 4) Janine Austin, Little Black Beauty (m); 5) Amelia Bannon, Little Fun (g).

80cm: 1) Mark Ross, Freddie; 2) Grace Reid, Killyglen Grace (m); 3) Janine Austin, Little black beauty (m); 4) Sarah McCarthy, Ladyhill Cool Imp (m); 5) Kristie Wilson, Twinkletoes (m); 6) Courtney Goudie, Rushall Ruby (g).

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