Show jumping fun at Knockagh

Knockagh show jumping BR Farm
LOVELY: Megan Burns and ‘Merlin’ jumping a lovely clear in the 30cm class at Knockagh View. (FW48-553NN)

KNOCKAGH View, Greenisland held a show jumping day on Sunday – it is very sad that this is the last competition for a few weeks.

Competitions at Knockagh View will be back on Sunday, December 13, with the second week of the winter dressage league, followed by the Christmas Show on Monday, December 28, with a novelty fancy dress class and jumping for all from 30cm to 1.10m.

JUMPING WELL: Ebony Ritchie and ‘Astro’ jumping at Knockagh View on Sunday. (FW48-552NN)

To enter any of the events at Knockagh View or check out what is on, visit their App.


Sunday, November 22

Show Jumping


=1) Amelia Logan, Bart (g); Sofia Taylor, Pepsi Coca Cola (g); Jessica Simms, Patch (m); Paige Erwin, Henry (g); CJ O’Brien, Monkey (g); Jack Bell, Sandy (g); Megan Burns, Merlin (g).


=1) Ava Bagchus, Jigsaw (m); Paige Erwin, Bobo (g); Harvey Ross, Dapples (g).


1) Harvey Ross, Dapples (g); 2) Cayleigh Erwin, Henry (g).


1) Cayleigh Erwin, Henry (g).


1) Lucy Ingram, Mister Darcy (g); 2) Beckie McBride, Star (m); 3) Ebony Ritchie, Astro (g); 4) Grace Reid, Sophie (m).


1) Elaine Morrow, Daisy (m); 2) Holly Ross, Ech Feirin (g); 3) Laura Gordon, Napoleon (g).


1) Alison McClean, Shi (m); 2) Laura Gordon Jake (g); 3) Elaine Morrow, Daisy (m); 4) Tyler Houston, Magic (g); 5) Emma Ewing (g); 6) John Jackson (g).


FLYING: Lucy Ingram and ‘Mister Darcy’ flying against the clock to win the 80cm class at Knockagh View. (FW48-551NN) PICTURES

1) Tyler Houston, Magic (g); 2) John Jackson (g).


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