Show jumping gets underway at Ardnacashel

Ardnacashel SJ BR Farm
1M: Vicki Titterington and ‘Charleigh’ on their way to third place in the 1m class at the Show Jumping Training at Ardnacashel. (FW17-559NN)

AFTER what seemed like the longest winter yet, Ardnacashel Equestrian, Comber kicked off the easing of restrictions with Saturday show jumping training and boy was it welcomed!

There was an exciting buzz in the air, with everyone enjoying the sunshine. First up was the cross-poles class; it was great to see those little faces having so much fun again with clear rounds for all competitors.

RUNNER UP: Ellie McDowell and ‘Alfie’ were runners up in the 80cm class at Ardnacashel’s Show Jumping Training. (FW17-557NN)

In the 70cm class, Norman Campbell on ‘Sophie’ placed first. Classes continued up to 1.20m, with riders getting plenty of training before what will be busy show season, if covid restrictions allow.

It was a particularly successful day for Scarlet Thompson, who placed first in the 80cm and 1m classes with ‘Lynskey’ and ‘Cleo’ respectively.

Gillian Neill on ‘Lilly’ rode a great round to place first in the 1.10m class, both having fun through the jumps. In the 1.20m class, Emma Jackson on ‘Trigger’ placed first and Jackson Laing on ‘Ruby’ placed second, both with fantastically effortless rounds.

The day went without incident, with all riders and horses enjoying the course, designed by Colm Quinn, National level course designer. There is plenty of opportunity to enter upcoming show jumping training shows taking place on Saturdays, May 1, 8 and 22, starting 10am on the Ardnacashel website.


Saturday, April 24

Show Jumping Training

Cross-poles – Clear Round: Ella Dickson, Snowy; Niamph Lyons, Mr Blue Skies.

60cm – Clear Round: Caitlyn Wells, Blossom; Lexi Wallace, Triple.

70cm: 1) Norman Campbell, Sophie; 2) Emma Thompson, Annie; 3) Scarlet Thompson, Loki.

80cm: 1) Scarlet Thompson, Lynskey; 2) Ellie McDowell, Alfie; 3) Janie Cairns, Hettie; 4) Sarah Moore, Arthur; 5) Emma Jackson, Harry; 6) Jessica Perry, Lisnasure.

90cm: 1) Sophie Cowan, Temple Quickstep; 2) Janie Cairns, Cesar; 3) Elaine Morrow, Daisy; 4) Emma Jackson, Goldie; 5) Scarlet Thompson, Lynskey.

1m: 1) Scarlet Thompson, Cleo; 2) Ellie McDowell, Con; 3) Vicki Titterington, Charleigh; 4) Elaine Morrow, Lilly; 6) Jackson Laing, Solo.

1.10m: 1) Gillian Neill, Lilly; 2) Scarlet Thompson, Cleo; 3) Corey Mawhinney, Aine; 4) Janie Cairns, Kevin; 5) Emma Jackson, Dot; 6) Emma Jackson, Trigger.

JUMPING WELL: Janie Cairns placed third in the 80cm class with ‘Hettie’ and fourth in the 1.10m class with ‘Kevin’ at Ardnacashel’s Show Jumping Training. (FW17-556NN)

1.20m: 1) Emma Jackson, Trigger; 2) Jackson Laing, Ruby.


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