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JUMPING WELL: Niamh Fitzpatrick and ‘Blackhill Border Fox’ won the 143cm Working Hunter qualifier at Lessans Summer Show. (FW34-586NN)

A lucky break in the weather saw almost wall-to-wall sunshine at the annual Lessans Summer Show in Saintfield last Sunday, making for a fantastic day out! A wide variety of classes offered show jumping and ridden showing opportunities, as well as a Racehorse to Riding Horse Ireland Championship and NIF Working Hunter qualifiers.

Spectators enjoyed a great day’s competition and there were some very impressive horses and ponies on display, with something of interest for all ages and abilities. Proprietor Philippa Auret would like to thank Felix McEvoy of McEvoy Run of the Mill Shavings for their generous prize sponsorship; as well as judges Shirley Anderson, Judith Bankhead and Lynne Tennis, scribes Jean McComish and Laura Fitzsimons, entry-taker Maria Weir and everyone else who helped to make it such a fun, special day.

SMALL RIDING HORSE: Megan Houston and ‘Trenavey Limelight’ won the Small Riding Horse class at Lessans. (FW34-585NN)

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Summer Show at Lessans

Show Jumping arena

Cross-poles: 1) Erin Glennie, Silver Bonnie; 2) Jodyn Lyons, Vinnie; 3) Rhianna Speers, Roxanne.

50-60cm: 1) Phoebe Hamilton, Gandalf; 2) Aimee Connolly, Sparkles; 3) Zara O’Connell, Keko; 4) Hannah Trimble, Mighty Meeko; 5) Mia Lewis, Penny; 6) Abbey Wallace, Skippy; 7) Katie Johnston, Vinnie.

60-70cm: 1) Emily Hunter, Sapphire; 2) Katie Johnston, Vinnie; 3) Cheridan Andrews, Arawa Desert Rose.

70-80cm: 1) Amy Shilliday, Mouse; 2) Olivia McMath, Arabella; 3) Anna Skelly, Willow.

80-90cm: 1) Anna Skelly, Willow; 2) Danielle Quinn, Morgan.

90cm-1m: 1) Niamh Logie-Smyth, Vicknakelly Vision; 2) Charlotte Wilson, Dude; 3) Danielle Quinn, Morgan; 4) Nathan O’Neill, Martha.

Working Hunter arena

Horses – 70cm Performance: 1) Katie Robinson, Sonic; 2) Roisin Kelly, Olga; 3) Emily Duffy, Milbrea Rose; 4) Rachel Conn, Flossy Girl; 5) Stella McGlinchey, Lisnagra Fred.

80cm: 1) Emily Duffy, Milbrea Rose; 2) Roisin Kelly, Olga; 3) Danielle Connolly, Ruby; 4) Olivia McMath, Arabella; 5) Rachel Conn, Flossy Girl; 6) Katie Robinson, Gypsy; 7) Oisin McCann, Miller And Cook.

90cm: 1) Danielle Connolly, Ruby; 2) Katie Robinson, Gypsy.

Ponies – Starter/Nursery Stakes: 1) Elsa McGall, Molly; 2) Charlotte Glenn, DJ.

133cm: 1) Elsa McGall, Molly.

143cm: 1) Niamh Fitzpatrick, Blackhill Border Fox; 2) Hannah Patterson, Ladybug.

Ridden Showing arena

Ponies – Lead Rein: 1) Cerys Harper, Shadow; 2) Jay Matchett, Lone Ash Jem; 3) Farrah Davidson, New Oak All That Jazz; 4) Katie Duff, Mac; 5) Breagh McGoran, Gemma; 6) Boleyn Baalham, Briddon.

Riding Pony: 1) Poppy Duff, Mario; 2) Abbey Wallace, Skippy; 3) Erin Glennie, Silver Bonnie; 4) Farah McGall, Winnie; 5) Katie Johnston, Vinnie; 6) Hannah Trimble, Mighty Meeko; 7) Beth Coulson, Daisy.

M&M Pony: 1) Louise McLaughlin, Lisnagra Fred.

Fancy Dress: 1) Breagh McGoran, Gemma; 2) Farah McGall, Winnie; 3) Hannah Trimble, Mighty Meeko.

Horses – Small Riding Horse/ Ladies Hack: 1) Megan Houston, Trenavey Limelight; 2) Rachael Burns, Carry On Cruising; 3) Roisin Kelly, Olga; 4) Shannon Hindes, Tango.

Ridden Hunter: 1) Pamela Fox, Bonny Foxy Lady; 2) Lyndsey Thompson, Romeo; 3) Rachael Burns, Carry On Cruising; 4) Rachel Conn, Flossy Girl; 5) Katie Robinson, Geronimo; 6) Roisin Kelly, Olga.

Cobs: 1) Hannah Bayfield, Georgie; 2) Hannah Bayfield, George; 3) Sarah Hewitt, Buttons.

Coloured: 1) Katie Robinson, Geronimo; 2) Hannah Bayfield, Georgie.

Veteran: 1) Philip, Romeo; 2) Abbey Wallace, Skippy; 3) Roisin Kelly, Olga; 4) Sarah Hewitt, Buttons.

Racehorse To Riding Horse arena

Unraced: 1) Anna McCarty, The Red Racehorse; 2) Susie Morris, Loopy Lou.

Retraining: 1) Katie McIlhatton, Don’t Be Hasty; 2) Anna McCarty, Spanish Verse; 3) Kenzie Calvert, Croislion; 4) Siobhan Devlin, Miss Monroe.

Open: 1) Oisin McCann, Miller And Cook; 2) Julie Donaghy Simpson, Shawstown; 3) Grace Ann Elliott, Adsup; 4) Ruth Cody, Smoky Bay; 5) Katie McIlhatton, Don’t Be Hasty; 6) Noel Callaghan, Hugo De Vincency.

RUNNERS UP: Lyndsey Thompson and ‘Romeo’ were runners up in the Ridden Hunter class at Lessans Show. (FW34-584NN)

Down Royal Corporation of Horsebreeders Northern League Final – Champion: Julie Donaghy Simpson, Shawstown; Reserve: Oisin McCann, Miller And Cook.


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