Significant interest in Beacon Farm network

AgriSearch Vice-Chairman Peter Morrow chaired a recent webinar for farmers interested in applying for the Beacon Farm Network.

AGRISEARCH recently held a webinar for farmers interested in applying for the Beacon Farm Network.

In early 2020, AgriSearch commenced a major strategy review. As a result, the concept of a Beacon Farm Network was formed to specifically address the challenges that farmers will face in the coming years.

AgriSearch aim to recruit beef, sheep and dairy farmers from a range of systems across Northern Ireland for the Beacon Farm Network. Farms within the network will collect data to form baselines across the three key themes of People, Planet and Profit, and provide a platform for research to improve the profitability and sustainability of the ruminant livestock sector in Northern Ireland.

Peter Morrow, AgriSearch Vice-Chairman, pictured above right, opened the webinar with a welcome and introduction followed by General Manager Jason Rankin highlighting the key aspects of the strategy review, as well as the objectives of the Beacon Farm Network. Jillian Hoy, Research Manager, then described the intended data collection methods and the selection process for farmers interested in becoming participants.

In addition, Dr Denise Lowe from AFBI provided a brief insight to the Hills and Uplands Beef & Sheep (HUBS) project. It is anticipated that farmers for Phase II of this project will be selected from the Beacon Farm Network.

To conclude the webinar, Peter Morrow then facilitated the Q&A element of the evening, as participants posed a number of questions to the panel. A recording of the webinar can be viewed on the AgriSearch website and on the AgriSearch YouTube channel.

n Farmers interested in particip-ating in the Beacon Farm Network can apply via the AgriSearch website before noon on January 4.


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