Simon Fuller on ‘breaking the model’ with his latest pop group

Simon Fuller in departures at Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport.
Simon Fuller in departures at Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport.

Music supremo Simon Fuller said he wants to “break the model” with his latest pop group.

Fuller, who manages the Spice Girls and has overseen their hugely successful career, is currently working with Now United, which consists of 14 artists from 14 different countries.

Now United
Simon Fuller’s latest group, Now United, is made up of artists from around the world (Pepsi/PA)

Lamar Morris is the UK’s representative while performers from China, South Korea and Senegal also feature.

Fuller said he is aiming beyond traditional markets and is instead setting his sights on countries including India, Brazil and Indonesia.

He said: “No-one is thinking about it because that’s not the plan. If you’re the record company devising the plan, you’ve got to be hot on Spotify. That’s their plan, I’m not interested in that.

“I want to connect with real people in real countries in a meaningful way with great partners. I want to break the model.”

Simon Fuller
Simon Fuller has teamed up with Pepsi while working with his pop group Now United (Ian West/PA)

Fuller, who has been dismissive of streaming numbers, added: “Now United is a group we’re building thoughtfully, carefully and slowly and we will not be judged by a billion of this or a billion of that, because who cares. I’ll be judged by tangible, real things.”

Fuller is working in partnership with Pepsi and the soft drink giant’s For The Love Of It campaign, having previously paired up with the firm while working with the Spice Girls.

Now United recorded the jingle for the campaign and Fuller said his partnership with Pepsi “allows me to do things that no-one else can do”.


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