Six brave beauty queens face the cameras without make-up

Beauty Queen and Single

10.40pm, BBC One NI, Monday, January 15

In a new six part series for BBC Northern Ireland six bare-faced beauty queens strip off the make-up, shake off the stilettos and go au-natural to see if beauty is just skin deep when it comes to finding the perfect partner.

Beauty Queen and Single begins on BBC One Northern Ireland on Monday, January 15, at 10.40pm.

The six local beauties, who are highly image conscious and wouldn’t be caught dead in public without a full face of make-up, are all decorated beauty queens and they share one thing in common – they’re all single.

These strong, independent women admit it’s hard to find true love when they feel judged on their looks by everyone they meet.

With the help of local stylist Simon Harris, the beauty queens agree to the ultimate challenge – a make-under and a promise to go dating make-up free.

As their carefully constructed image is peeled away, they go on five blind dates with men from across Northern Ireland. They must then choose one to go on a second date with.

But will they be able to relax and be themselves without the mask of make-up and designer clothes? How will the other beauty queens react as they watch the dates unfold on a screen nearby? And will the experiment empower them to embrace their natural beauty with confidence?

In the first programme, former Miss Derry and Big Brother contestant Ashleigh Coyle takes on the challenge. She’s joined by fellow Beauty Queens Karen Montague, ex Miss Great Britain Gemma Garrett, Rebecca Maguire, Amira Graham and Orlaith McAllister.

The other beauty queens offer Ashleigh support and as she heads off for the five back-to-back dates, the rest congregate together to watch and give their brutally honest opinions.

Their commentary is highly entertaining, encouraging and at times hilarious as they offer opinions on each other and the local men taking part in the dates.

o Later in the week it is not quite going from beauty to the beast but there will be guaranteed moments of madness as popular sitcom Give My Head Peace comes back on our screens for a three-part series beginning on Friday, January 19, at 10.35pm.

Ma, Da, Cal, Uncle Andy and the rest of the gang return as Northern Ireland’s funniest fictional family, with their very own take on life here and beyond.

It’s a new year and it’s all change on the political front in 47a Divis Towers as the women are taking over in episode one, entitled ‘A New Broom’. After an unfortunate verbal ‘mishap’, Da (Tim McGarry) finds himself out of a job – and replaced by someone he knows very well indeed.

Written by Tim McGarry, Damon Quinn and Michael McDowell from the Hole in the Wall Gang, the series will feature guest appearances from some well-known local faces, including Donna Traynor, Stephen Watson and William Crawley.

Damon Quinn, series producer, says: “It’s great to be back with a new three-part series and with everything that has been going on over the past while, we have plenty of material to work with!


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