SJI Autumn League at Connell Hill

Connell SJI BR Farm
ACTION: Gareth Saunderson and ‘GTA Barocco Blue’ in action at the SJI Horse League at Connell Hill. (FW43-521NN) PICTURES: courtesy of Lyndon McKee

CONNELL Hill Equestrian Centre, Randalstown, continues to run its SJI Autumn League for horses. With the final only a couple of weeks away, this League will run through to November 5 and further details and entry can be found on the SJI website:

Competitors again enjoyed the Autumnal sunshine and an inviting course built by Will Creen.

1.30M: Edward Little and ‘Carnlea Premier Balou’ were runners up in the 1.30m class at the SJI Horse League at Connell Hill. (FW43-520NN)

With even stricter restrictions put in place, Connell Hill would again like to thank all competitors for their continued support and compliance with the new Covid regulations and hope that the online entry system is making it easier for everyone.

For more information on up and coming events, please visit the new website:


Thursday, October 15

80cm – Double Clear: Laura Fekkes, RAS Irelands Diamond; Samantha Hamilton, Riverbourne Zorro Beach; Debbie McClean, Cockie WB.

90cm – Double Clear: Evie O’Neill, Beechmount Champ; Rhona Wilkinson, Rosevale Spirit; Clare Sloan, Ross of Lusty.

1m – Double Clear: Lynn Lowry, Altaskin Prince; Ruth Will, Burst of Classe; Philip White, KGB Jasmine; Jamie-Lee Mark, Premier Diamond Boy; Sarah Baillie, Lisnamorrows Echoizer.

1.10m: 1) Ian Moore, Triple C; 2) Philip White, Kinnego Bay; 3) Karen Fleck, Franko; 4) Liam McGarry, Javas Bespoke; 5) Fiona Thompson, O’Harabrook; 6) George Newton, Simply Grey.

1.20m: 1) Karen Fleck, Franko; 2) Barry McCormack, Kings Choice; 3) James Lewis Johnston, Doonini Z; 4) Edward Little, Drumiller Daytona; 5) George Newtown, Simply Grey; 6) Paul Caves, Cafre Quality Clover.

1.20M: Barry McCormack and ‘King’s Choice’ came second in the 1.20m class at the SJI Horse League at Connell Hill. (FW43-519NN)

1.30m: 1) Paul Caves, Cafre Quality Clover; 2) Edward Little, Carnlea Premier Balou.


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