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SJI Training concludes at The Meadows

SATURDAY, May 15, saw the end of the SJI Horse Training Series at The Meadows Eq-

uestrian Centre, Lur-gan. The welcome loosening of restrictions will mean that normal weekend SJI events will now be able to resume at the Meadows. Please check out the website for details on forthcoming shows, including RDS National Championship qualifiers for Horses, Ponies and Showing, Five Star and Youngster Tour qualifiers and unregistered show jumping events.

Saturday was a remarkably busy day for Fermanagh-based rider Kerry Taggart, who placed well in the 1.20m class and then won the 1.30m on board her mother Jeannie’s ‘Beltrim Brother Ava’.

Taggart was streets ahead of the competition, stopping the clock in 30.97; her closest rival on the day

was Luke Campbell who steered ‘Kruser DHH’ to second place in a time of 35.11.


Saturday, May 15

80cm Pod A: =1) Niccola Hall’s Casanova, Niccola Hall; Karen Glendinning’s Cluide Mist, Karen Pearson; Norman Campbell’s Sophia Casallco, Norman Campbell; Lucy Maher’s Valiente, Lucy Maher.

90cm Pod A: =1) Samantha O’Connor’s Atlantic Bandit, Cara Mae O’Connor; Victoria Boville’s Call Me Cool, Victoria Boville; Laura Ke-ery’s Ferro Diamond, Laura Keery; Samantha O’Connor’s Hollypark Lancelot, Dairine O’Connor; Nicola Davis’s Oldoaks Sandie, Nicola Davis; Luke Barton’s Royal Luxery, Luke Barton.

90cm Pod B: =1) Kelly Keogh’s Clocha Liath St Louis, Katie Donnelly; Karen Glendinning’s Cluide Mist, Karen Pearson; Philip Carroll’s Daquinado, Philip Carroll; Grainne McMahon’s Drumaclan Lady, William Anderson; Conor McCabe’s Innishannon Echo, Conor McCabe; Dulargy Ridge Farm

Farm’s Jadermie, Mary McAl-

eenan; Vicki Dible’s Phil-andro, Vicki Dible; Sharon Kelly-Murphy’s Reuben Ja-mes, Sharon Kelly-Murphy.

1m Pod A: =1) Victoria Boville’s BMC Clover Cruise, Andrew Boville; Karen Pear-son’s Hanley News, Karen Pearson; Dulargy Ridge Farm Farm’s Jadermie, Mary McAleenan; Susan O’Shea’s King-Paolo, Hollie Smith; Margaret Ward’s Tullyoran Candy Ride, Ellen Ward.

1m Pod B: =1) Joanne Morton’s CSF Sparky Maggie, Kathryn Morton; Paul Tr-eanor’s Dicksons Rose, William Anderson; Grainne McMahon’s Drumaclan Lady, Grainne McMahon; Morris G Smyth and Elaine Smyth’s Elamo Candy Floss, Luke Campbell; Hollie Smith’s Inventor, Hollie Smith; Wendy Anderson’s KEC Lanz, Chloe Graham; Charlotte Gibson’s Merlons Maytrix, Lucy Gib-son; Niall McColgan’s Mo’s Touch, Niall McColgan; Meg-an Stewart’s Troys Imp, Megan Stewart; Kelly Foley’s Utchello Royal, Eden Foley.

1m Pod C: =1) Lorraine Leavesley’s Baile An Doire Emerald, Lorraine Leavesley; Lucy Johnston’s Bluestone Diamond Fly, Lucy Johnston; Luke Barton’s Capri O Z, Luke Barton; Hazel English’s Charing Cross, Hazel English; Sarah McLean’s Drumrankin Serpent, Katy McLean; Rach-ael Thompson’s Jemeela Charm, Hannah Thompson; Markus Buser’s Kesha, Mar-kus Buser; Amanda Ellen McCracken’s Micky’s Cruising Diamond, Amanda Ellen McCracken; Raymond Kelly’s My Arabella, Conall Kelly; Fiona Carson’s The Windmill Belle, Luke Campbell; Amy Wilson’s Vagabond, Amy Wilson.

1.10m Pod A: 1) Justine O’Hara’s Vales Pacino Royale, Justine O’Hara; 2) Samuel J Smyth’s Ballylurgan What Lux, Hannah Thompson; 3)

Aedi McCaughey’s Hariness, Aedi McCaughey; 4) Mary McAllister’s Emoe Vallery (ISH), Tom Hearne; 5) Hannah Agnew’s MCS Le-isester, William Greene; 6) Tara Dunne’s Albytwo, Tara Dunne.

1.10m Pod B: 1) Wendy Anderson’s Master Woodz, Wendy Anderson; 2) Jo-anne Gibson’s Villanelle, Joanne Gibson; 3) Melanie Moorhead’s Irish Twang, Melanie Moorhead; 4) Tara

Dunne’s Courtesan C, Tara

Dunne; 5) Rachael Thomp-son’s Sam Mar Riverland Imp, Hannah Thompson; 6) Clare Sloan’s Rose of Lusty, Eva Sloan.

1.20m Pod A: 1) Fiona Coyle’s Arion-E, Fiona Coyle; 2) Esther Treanor’s Eleo, Gemma Treanor; 3) Janie Cairns’s Premier Charlie, Janie Cairns; 4) Tullyelmer Farm Ltd’s Karima, Kerry Taggart; 5) Justine O’Hara’s Vales Pacino Royale, Justine O’Hara; 6) Tara Dunne’s Albytwo, Tara Dunne.

1.30m Pod A: 1) Jeannie Taggart’s Beltrim Brother Ava, Kerry Taggart; 2) Quality Sport Horses’s Kruser DHH, Luke Campbell; 3) Tracy Woods’s Without Permission, Zoe Woods; 4) David Gibson’s SGS Welcome, Louie Stephen Gibson; 5) Ruairi Holmes Kerry Taggart’s Paquito

V’T Merelsnest Z, Kerry Taggart.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.



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