Slurry Gold is a must for dairy enterprise

LEFT: Ivan Curry with Richard McCaughan, Moore’s Animal Feeds, preparing for his T-Day.

IVAN Curry runs a highly efficient dairy enterprise on the north Antrim coast, milking 120 Holsteins. He places great emphasis on getting as much milk from forage as possible, so soil fertility and productivity are key to his operation.

With multiple tanks across his system, Ivan has up to 500,000 gallons of slurry to manage each season.

“Slurry management is now a major process in our operation, so I am keen to turn it to my advantage,” explains Ivan.

Highlighting what he wants to achieve, he explained: “The first factor I was most concerned with was safety. With so much slurry to manage and contractors involved I wanted to make sure working with the slurry would be carried out in a safe manner.

“All our mixing points are outside the houses with plenty of lighting, and I wanted to minimise any agitating required. Over the years I have tried a number of slurry treatment products, and last year I decided to test three against each other.

“Slurry Gold came out on top in terms of performance and cost effectiveness. Mixing times have dramatically reduced and once it is mixed, it stays mixed, much to the contractor’s relief.”

The other key factors Ivan looks for is the impact on the environment and response from the soil.

“With environmental factors coming to the fore, and the importance of soil health, we have to make sure slurry is managed with positive impacts. The treated slurry is much easier to work with, with less odours and it gets into the ground much better.

“As a result, we definitely see a better hit from the slurry in the grass response.”

Ivan would recommend all farmers should start to look at their slurry in a more proactive way.

“We now treat slurry as an asset, and as such it is having a much more positive impact on our enterprise.”

Richard McCaughan, from Moores Animal Feeds, reiterates this point.

“We have a high volume of customers now regularly using Slurry Gold to great effect. Slurry has always been a problem on farm. Now that farmers are looking for the benefits, they are starting to achieve them.”

n For more information on Slurry Gold, how it works and how to use it, go to or call 028 6634 8469.


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