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Smiling faces and great horsemanship at Area 17 Show Jumping competition

MID Antrim branch of the Pony Club hosted the Area 17 Show Jumping Competition 2021 on Friday, July 9 at the Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan.

Organisers would like to say a big well done to everyone who took part, it was just brilliant to see so many smiling faces and to see such great horsemanship, whether that was in the riding of the course or in the many pats and cuddles that organisers saw the horses and ponies receive during the day.

Congratulations to the prize winners and especially to those qualifying for the Pony Club UK and Regional Championships.

Organisers would like to

thank the Meadows Equest-rian Centre and their team for all of their support, as well as the prize sponsors, Clonkeen Equestrian Supplies and Tori

O’Connor Photography.

Photos are available to purchase from https:// toriocphotography.

Organisers also want to say a very big thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers – they wouldn’t have been able to host such a mega event without the support of so many – it really does take an army!

Full results have been emailed out and a list of prize winners is listed below.


Friday, July 9

Area Show Jumping Competition 2021

Mini Major: 1) Johan Fitzpatrick Burns, Chocolat II, Iveagh; 2) Cliodha McEvoy, Tynan Tuttle Pip, Iveagh; 3) Juliana Nelson, Cumbak K10, Iveagh; 4) Kaitlin McCrory, Cool Addiction, Seskinore; 5) Elizabeth McCracken, Uquam, Iveagh; 6) Lily Tunney, Scarlett Bramwell, RD Equestrian.

PC110 – Open Individual: 1) Sadie McMahon, Sillen Coevent, Iveagh; 2) Victoria Lee, Duffy, Iveagh; 3) Emma Ewing, Murph, East Antrim; 4) Dylan Torrens, Sparkling Mr Boom, East Down; 5) Freya Kennedy, Carrickview Diamond Gayle, Tullylagan; 6) Zara Burns, Greenan Fusion, East Down.

PC110 – Open Team: 1) Iveagh Orcas: Finn Osbourne, Chicco’s Camiro; Meabh McIlduff, Dalsown Done and Dusted; Sadie McMahon, Sillen Coevent; Victoria Lee, Duffy; 2) East Down We Rampage: Anya Teuton, Painted Cavalier; Tom Rowlatt-McCormick, Bluestone Ice; Zara Burns, Greenan Fusion; Dylan Torrens, Sparkling Mr Boom.

PC100 – Intermediate Individual: 1) Cerys Howell, Keeford Highrise, North Down; 2) Amy McLaughlin, Knockgraffon Girl, Seskinore Harriers; 3) Zara Sharvin, Arubahrain, East Down; 4) Emma Irwin, PSH Let’s Tango, Iveagh; 5) Charlotte Keers, Freddie, North Down; 6) Heather Fulton, Alois, Route Hunt.

PC100 – Intermediate Team: 1) East Down We Sparkle: Abigail Cummiskey, Bonmahon Snow Leopard; Megan Carson, Fair and Square; Zara Sharvin, Arubahrain; Megan Nelson, Fancy Trend; 2) Iveagh Appaloosas: Charlotte Patterson, Ballyrobin Black Phanthom; Ella Heron, Dam Boy; Emma Irwin, PSH Let’s Tango; Bethany Smith, Dun Surprise; 3) Route Hunt: Heather Fulton, Alois; Leah McCulloch, Lilibolero; Maria Carr, Tynan Smokey Joe; 4) Seskinore Legends: Amy McLaughlin, Knockgraffon Girl; Kate Millar, Just Ruby; Kamryn McQuade, Dromrott; Sophia Williams, Mongorry Cruise Molly; 5) North Down Eagles: Cerys Howell, Keeford Highrise; Lauren McGlennon, Glencaugh Draiocht; Adam Booth, Melview Chester; Charlotte Keers, Freddie; 6) East Down We Rumble: Roderick Pannell, Kilygarvin tir na og; Rory Kinnear, Litchfield Foxtrot; James Murphy, Rock Rebel; Thomas Murphy, Kylestone Carrick Prince.

PC90 – Novice Individual: 1) Katie Robinson, Duncarbery Cascade, Iveagh; 2) Hannah Thompson, Jemeela Charm, Mid Antrim; 3) Molly McCartney, Huffle Puff, East Antrim; 4) Katelyn Irvine, Corha Delight, East Antrim; 5) Taylor McKnight, Tassagh Sky Doctor, Iveagh; 6) Lucy Crawford, Mr A C Drummer, Killultagh Old Rock & Chichester Harriers.

PC90 – Novice Team: 1) East Antrim Snipes: Jack Morrow, Rocket Lady; Sophia Poppy Bingham, Little Pretender; Ella Lindsay, Kilcurry Gem; Katelyn Irvine, Corha Delight; 2) Iveagh Penguins: Jay Doherty, Sweet Lily; Samara Doherty, Morepark Alamo; Taylor McKnight, Tassagh Sky Doctor; Jay Doherty, Woodfield Superstar; 3) Iveagh Magpies: Katie Robinson, Duncarbery Cascade; Charlotte Betts, Hacker; Tara McHenry, Newhaven Minstral; Katie McCombe, Afandou; 4) East Antrim Sparrows: Katelyn Irvine, D’ach Shadow; Molly McCartney, Huffle Puff; Mya McCullough, Dowdstown Vic; Felicity McConnell, Ladida; 5) East Down We Zoom: Emmalee Turley, Cummer Park Silver Boy; Anna Morrow, Ballyvary Ripple; Edmund Pannell, Kilygarvin tir na og; Cara Elizabeth MacNabb, Bonecastle Queen; 6) Mid Antrim Orchids: Charli Henry McCool, Charlie-B; Christopher Smyth, Ballylurgan Diamond Prince; Grace Moore, Dolly; Hannah Thompson, Jemeela Charm.

PC90 – Open Individual: 1) Emma-Jane Orr, Crestie’s Matilda, Iveagh.

PC80 – Regionals Individual: 1) Jenna Harkness, Caoranbeg Hanna, Tullylagan; 2) Tilley Tumilty, Phynix, Iveagh; 3) Cara Garrity, Goldilocks 11, RD Equestrian; 4) Ryan Williamson, Lislaird Nancy, East Down; 5) Emily Turley, Mistletoe, East Down; 6) Harry Purdy, Milan Belle, Iveagh.

PC80 – Regionals Team: 1) Iveagh Dutch Rabbit: Jennifer Tate, Jack – Loughbrickland Boy; Beth Phillips, Flash; Tilley Tumilty, Phynix; Harry Purdy, Milan Belle; 2) East Down We Rock: Charlotte Glenn, ChequerHill Water Lilly; Jennifer Gilchrist, Lackaghmore Vandango; Ellen McNabb, Blackbird; Ryan Williamson, Lislaird Nancy; 3) Iveagh Dalmatians: Catherine Cowan, Lady Remarque; Darcy Robinson, Lily; Beth Wishart, Bluebell; Kirsten Bailie, Blue; 4) Tullylagan Yellow: Keeva McElhennon, Mackney Blue; Laura Canavan, Diamond; Sorcha Owens, Legavallons Miss Pepper; William Hamilton, Norm’s Sparky; 5) RD Equestrian: Cara Garrity, Goldilocks 11; Tess Wallace, Elvis; Lucie-Anne Abbott, Bobby; Nadia Donnelly, Finne; 6) Killultagh Green: Elle West, Magherard Celtic; Megan Cooney, Princess Dusty; Emma Stewart, Beezies Minty; Rebecca Horner, Paddy.

PC70 – Juniors Individual:

1) Scott McKnight, Killeshin Bambino, Iveagh; 2) Tilley Tumilty, Sparky, Iveagh; 3) Lucy Orr, Jazzy Susie, Iveagh; 4) Jack Cowan, Edentrillick Honey Bee, Iveagh; 5) Holly Rice, My Isabella, Iveagh; 6) Toby Collins, Willows Flying Colours, North Down.

PC70 – Juniors Team: 1) Iveagh Badgers: Jack Cowan, Edentrillick Honey Bee; Lucy Orr, Jazzy Susie; Lily Ann Murphy, Millford Spectacular; Tilley Tumilty, Sparky; 2) Iveagh Piebalds: Abbie Knox, Vales Little Blue; Serena Brown, Rathdrum Bobby; Lucas Bradley, Gortlemon Isabelle; Philippa Moore, Seapatrick Make A Move; 3) East Antrim Swans: Amelia Bannon, Judy; Cayleigh Erwin, Island Beauty Seventh; Hannah Robinson, Crumlin Boy (Prince); Katie McCartney, Darby O’Gill; 4) Iveagh Pandas: Maria Pearson, Sully; Annabelle Clarke, Casper; Serena Brown, Longwood Grandpas Diamond; Isabelle Kehoe, Pixie; 5) North Down Panthers: Evie McKeown, Skyhills Proud Flyer; Joshua McGlennon, OMS Lady Esquire; Abbey Wallace, Ladybug; Toby Collins, Willows Flying Colours; 6) East Down We Jump: Charlotte Nelson, Reggie; Katie Forbes, Doctor Pepper; Oliver Kinnear, Rose Sale Sandstorm; Molly Goodwin, Toons Bridge Rascal.

PC60 – Minis Individual: 1) Maeve Rolston-McAuliffe, Emerald Chubba, Fermanagh Harriers; 2) Effie Torrens-Spence, Nat King Cole, East Down; 3) Isaac McCarthy, Blaney’s Boy, Iveagh; 4) Sophie McBride, Rolo, Iveagh; 5) Jennifer Sophie Thursfield, Scarlett’s Harry, North Down; 6) Frank McCusker, Peaches, Iveagh.

PC60 – Minis Team: 1) Iveagh Saddlebacks: Ellie Murphy, Waitwith Dynasty; Frank McCusker, Peaches; Henry McCarthy, Thunder; Sarah Pike, Daisy; 2) Iveagh Black Cats: Freddie Castles, Cornacrew Lady Lola; Henry McCarthy, Casper; Lexi Robinson, Rock; Sophie McBride, Rolo; 3) Iveagh Skunks: Lily Ann Murphy, Waitwith Dynasty; Isaac McCarthy, Blaney’s Boy; Freddie Castles, Dryfe Elizabeth Arden; Annabelle Betts, Percy; 4) Jelly Babies: Anna Garrity, Rosegate Mayfly, RD Equestrian; Emily Garrity, Chester, RD Equestrian; Maeve Rolston-McAuliffe, Emerald Chubba, Fermanagh Harriers; Tori Veitch, Bluebelle, Fermanagh Harriers; 5) North Down Jets: Zara Reid, Kingsman Dave; Jennifer Sophie Thursfield, Scarlett’s Harry; Holly Blythe, Mary Alice; Noyonika Kinney, Sally J; 6) Killultagh Minis: Amelia Irwin, Starlight; Isabella Irwin, Candy; Jena Stevens, Shem; Lily Brown, Rosevale Babe.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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