Some precious memories of an era long gone but not forgotten

AT THE WHEEL: John Cantley supervising the McCormick International binder with his son George at the wheel of the T20 Ferguson.

FARMWEEK reader William Cantley from Kilwarlin Cottage, Ballyknock Road, Hillsborough, recently called at the FarmWeek office with a fascinating collection of colour pictures taken on the home farm back in 1961.

BREAD MAN CALLING: May Cantley purchasing bread from Mr McFarland who travelled the countryside with the Baines’ bread cart.

The pictures were taken by a young farmer exchangee, Betsy Dodge from Boston, in an era when colour photographs were almost unheard of locally and she captured some of the everyday activities of farming and farm life at the start of the 1960s, scenes which will bring back many memories to FarmWeek readers.

INVENTIVE: Joseph Morton Ltd of Banbridge devised a bag lifter to take some of the hardship out of loading grass-seed onto their lorry when they made collections around the farms.

Pictured are William’s parents, John and May, his brother George and sister Essie.

ice cream pokes: George Cantley purchasing a few cones from an ice-cream van which operated out of Cafollas in Lurgan. George travelled around on his SU 5193 Lambetta 150cc scooter, pictured in the background.


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