SONI at the Balmoral Show – together we are building a better energy future

Shane Brennan – North South Interconnector Project Manager

AT SONI (System Operator for Northern Ireland) we are proud to be supporting the Balmoral Show on its 150th anniversary.

We’ve all heard of the Balmoral Show, but I appreciate that some of you may not have heard about SONI.

Jason Kerr – Wayleave Officer :

We are the electricity grid operator in Northern Ireland. We take energy from power plants and renewable sources such as wind and solar farms. We then transport that electricity across the grid, ensuring it gets to where it is needed in Northern Ireland. We match supply and demand for power, every second of every day.

This work keeps the lights on! We also plan ahead for future growth, improving and strengthening the electricity grid infrastructure for Northern Ireland, because a better electricity supply means greater prosperity in the years ahead.

SONI is a key partner to the Balmoral Show for the third year running, because we want you to know about the vital role we play; but we also want you to know that we can’t do it without you.

Working in partnership with the agricultural community is vital. We need to build trust and relationships in order to improve and strengthen the electricity grid – which will benefit everyone in Northern Ireland.

That’s why we are at the Balmoral Show.

At the moment we are working on two key grid development projects – the North South Interconnector (County Armagh and South Tyrone) and the Agivey Cluster Project (County Londonderry).

Our Information Centre is at the show – along with the SONI Titan, which you can’t miss!

If you have questions about the work we do, or these projects, please do come to see us. Our landowner engagement team is here to help.

You can also get in touch by contacting me directly on my mobile 0796 693 0844 or via email at

Fergal Keenan – Agricultural Liaison Officer :

Enjoy the show! From everyone at SONI.


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