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‘Spook’-tacular dressage at Dalways Bawn

THE second leg of the current dressage league at Dalways Bawn, Carrickfergus, took place on Sunday, October 31. A great day was had by all and there were some spectacular Hallowe’en costumes on display!

Coreen Abernethy was the judge and all at Dalways Bawn would like to extend a huge thank you to her for her endless patience and brilliant constructive judging. Thanks must also go to all the volunteers, who helped make the day run so smoothly and to the amazing providers of the league prizes.

Competitors were able to enter the classes either online or by submitting a video online, thereby making the league very accessible to all.

The next leg of the league will take place on November 14, with the final taking place on December 5.


Class 1 – Introductory, League prize sponsored by IGS Clipping services: 1) Aimee Daley, Theo 68.06%; 2) Anne Harrison, Marella 66.67%; 3) Elaine Black, Doodles 66.11%; 4) Katie Lowry, CJ 65.83%; 5) Lily Larkin, Montana 65.28%; 6) Karen Bradbury, Ollie 64.17%.

Hallowe’en prize: Cara Pearson, Cassie.

Class 2 – Preliminary, League prize sponsored by Cleaver and Steel Butchers Ballycarry: 1) Grace Hedgley, Archie 68.75%; 2) Leanne Montgomery, Monty 67.5%; 3) Sarah Ross, Jet 65.71%; 4) Shannon McComb, Marella 65.36%; 5) Emme Morrison, Penny 64.46%; 6) Georgia Hall, Archie 63.39%.

Hallowe’en prize: Georgia Hall, Archie.

Class 3 – Novice, League prize from Doagh Equestrian: 1) Barbara McMurray, Rocco Banana man 68.22%.

Class 4 – Elementary, League prize from Millars Bar Ballycarry: 1) Julie Dauncey, Summer 66.21%.

Class 5 – Music: 1) Victoria McCandless, Koolstyle 80%; 2) Leanne Montgomery, Monty 68.63%; 3) Anne Harrison, Marella 67.72%; 4) Sarah Ross, Jet 66.36%; 5) Sarah Kileen, Simon 63.64%; 6) Amy Forte, Mack 62.73%.

Hallowe’en prize: Amy Forte and Yvonne Gillespie.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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