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‘Spook-tacular’ fun at Knockagh View

THANK you to everyone who supported the Hallowe’en ‘Spook-tacular’ show at Knockagh View, Greenisland on Saturday. It was lovely to see everyone in the Hallowe’en spirit and some of the outfits were amazing! Well done everyone!

A huge thank you is extended to the judge, Paul Johnston. Don’t forget the check out the photos from Evie Williamson.

Organisers hope to see everyone again on Saturday, November 13 for the second week of the league. To be eligible for the lovely prizes at the final, participants need to compete in two out of the first three weeks plus the final.


Saturday, October 30

Hallowe’en Show

Obstacles: 1) Isla Hanna, Lily (m); 2) Rhianne McFall, Pepper (m); 3) Lizzy Taylor, Johnny (g); 4) Kate McDowell, Star (m); 5) Amelia Logan, Bart (g); 6) Lily Crawford, Poppy (m).

30cm: =1) Amelia Logan, Bart (g); Lizzy Taylor, Johnny (g); Elsa O’Kane, Maverick (g); Kate McDowell, Star (m); Beth McDowell, Star (m); James Donnelly, Muffin Man (g); Alec Goodrich, Heather (m); Rae Topping, Cossie (g); Emily Thompson, Balor (g); Jack Bell, Blackjack (g); Cayleigh Erwin, Henry (g); Lexa Clarke, Byron (g); Charlotte Baird, Byron (g).

50cm: =1) Rhianne McFall, Pepper (m); Annabel Manson, Harry (g); James Donnelly, Muffin Man (g); Karina McVeigh, Coco (m); Ana Goodrich, Chief (g).

Fancy Dress: 1) Beth McDowell, Star (m); 2) Jessica Simms, Patchwork Girl (m); 3) Annabel Manson, Barney (g); 4) James Donnelly, Muffin Man (g); 5) Lily Crawford, Poppy (m); 6) Rae Topping, Cossie (g).

60cm: 1) Ana Goodrich, Chief (g); 2) Karina McVeigh, Coco (m); 3) Cayleigh Erwin, Henry (g); 4) Gail Hadden, Diesel (g); 5) Becky Woodside, Montys Magic (g); 6) Megan Matthews, Rocky (g).

70cm: 1) Simon Wylie, Schumi (g); 2) Hannah Kernohan, Wizard Of Oz (g); 3) Megan Matthews, Rocky (g); 4) Ana Goodrich, Chief (g); 5) Lucas Young, Sunrise (g); 6) Allison Matthews, Jack (g).

80cm: 1) Sophie Moore, Diamond Daydream (m); 2) Miriam Wright, The Castletown Lad (g); 3) Lucas Young, Sunrise (g); 4) Lucy Irvine, Georgie (m); 5) Lesley Wilson, Lyleview Martell (g).

90cm: 1) Debbie Bunting, Lily (m); 2) Lesley Wilson, Lyleview Martell (g).

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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