Spotlight on Armagh Poultry Club

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LEFT: Michael Sherlock’s winning Asian Game at Armagh Show.

A few years ago a group of County Armagh poultry keepers, having been approached by members of the County Armagh Agricultural Show Society, set up a poultry section at the annual Armagh Show.

The original group of poultry keepers involved in establishing this section were Guy Richardson, Eugene Mallon, Darren Gillespie and Mervyn Elliott, and it was their aim to make a success of this and establish a well supported poultry section.

This section in the Armagh Show went from strength to strength and they dreamed of eventually starting a poultry club in County Armagh.

One of the biggest problems in their quest of establishing a club was to find a suitable hall in which poultry shows could be held. Thankfully, with the council taking on Gosford Forest Park, a hall was agreed upon and now it is all systems go towards the first ever County Armagh Poultry Club Show.

Eugene has been working tirelessly in the background and has a date booked for a show which is Saturday, December 14. This is a date for your diary and more information will be released as the plans for the show take shape.

So what is the reason for another show?

The reason for starting a club in Armagh is that a lot of exhibitors come to Armagh summer shows but do not travel outside of Armagh. A need was recognised in the area and the club feels that it can encourage and support more people to keep poultry.

The committee is set up with the following members: Chairperson Mervyn Elliott; Secretary Eugene Mallon; Treasurer David Neill; Trophy Secretary and Judges Secretary Darren Gillespie; William Moorcroft, Darren Gillespie and Guy Richardson.

The long term aims of the club are the following:

n To continue to breed Pure breed poultry to the best of the club’s standards;

n To support members with the breeding and showing of poultry;

n To meet for regular club meetings to discuss and learn about all things poultry;

n To support the local community by way of educating school children on poultry welfare;

n To run workshops for the disabled and also for the public on preparing a bird for showing, etc;

n As a club to focus more on the meetings and less on the showing, build up a strong club of energised members who are more interested in helping the community through poultry activities and breeding;

n To look at ways of using poultry as therapy for old people’s homes, schools, etc, and how the club can get involved;

n As a club it also plans to run day trips to different breeders set-ups as well as to some of the big shows across the water.

Of course, all this is impossible unless the club has the support of the local poultry fraternity and support further a field to get the club up and running.

n Anyone interested in joining this new poultry club please contact Eugene Mallon on 07746 693523.


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