Spotlight on Ballymena Winter Show

Ducks 7/11/19 SM Farm

Saturday past saw the Ballymena Winter Show Season kick off with the first event held as usual in the Slemish Hall. An entry of more than 800 exhibits had been received by secretary John Wightman.

The event was kindly sponsored by BM Occupational Health. Judges were Scott Irwin, Cyril Rainey, Austin and Robert Shaw, Andrew Beirne, James Weatherup, Roy Davidson and Charlie Bourke.

After a busy morning’s judging the results were as follows:

Best in Show: Modern Game – Adams & McLaren; Reserve Best in Show – Black d’Anver, Mervyn Mooney; Best Juvenile – German Langshan – Hurst family; Best Carlisle and Best Old Bird Male – Adams & McLaren; Black OEG Bantam – Adams & McLaren.

Best Eggs: Adams & McLaren.

Best Modern, Best Duckwing, Best Young Bird Modern & Best Bantam Hard Feather: Adams & McLaren

Best True: Black d’Anver – Mervyn Mooney; White Call – Adams & McLaren; Best Bantam Heavy German Langshan – Mervyn Mooney; Best Bantam Light – Leghorn, Jimmy Corken; Best Rare – Yokahama, Adams & McLaren; Best Light & Overall Best Light – Minorca, Andrew Beirne; Best Heavy & Overall Best Heavy – Brahma Adams & McLaren; Best Goose – Adams & McLaren.

AOV Game: Indian, Adams & McLaren; Best Utility: Plymouth Rock – Adams & McLaren; Best Oxford & Best Large Hard Feather – Oxford, K Fleck; Best OEG – Furnace Female, Adams & McLaren; Best Overall Waterfowl, Best Light & Best Runner – Adams & McLaren; Best Miniature Waterfowl – Appleyard, Adams & McLaren; Best Muscovy – Adams & McLaren; Best Rouen & Best Heavy Waterfowl – Adams & McLaren; Best Hookbill – G McKee; Best Buff Orpington – Thomas Boyd; Champion Young Handler – Connor Reid.

Alongside the normal show the Call Ducks had centre stage for the British Call Duck Regional, judged by Charlie Bourke.

Best Self & Overall Best in Show – White, Adams & McLaren; Best Mallard & Reserve Best in Show – Andrew Moorhead; Best Dilute – J Ryan; Best Marked – Mallard, James Hammond; Best Silver – Andrew Moorhead; Best Marked – James Hammond; Best Marked – Silver, Andrew Moorhead; Champion Non-Standard – James Hammond.

After the show John Wightman announced his retirement from secretary of Ballymena Poultry Club and we would like to publicly thank him for all his hard work and dedication.

Dermot Gardiner will take over and his contact details are: 1 Liminary Road, Ballymena, BT42 3HL, email

Ballymena Poultry Club’s Show

The closing dates for entries for the second Ballymena Club Show on Saturday, December 7, has been extended to midnight on Tuesday, December 3. Entries for this show can be sent to the Club Secretary at 1 Liminary Road, Ballymena, BT42 3HL or by email to or Facebook messenger by photographing the completed entry form and sending to Dermot Gardiner.

Schedule and entry forms are available under the files tab on Armagh Poultry Club’s Facebook page or send your address or email address to the secretary.


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