Straid man is tops again

50 January 13, 1970 Straid SM Farm

Well known Straid ploughman Tom Clyde chalked up another championship at the Loup Society’s 23rd annual match at Ballyronan last week.

The results were:

Lift Plough, Whole Work eight inch – 1, L McMillan; 2, R Wright.

World Style – 1, T Clyde; 2, S Pinkerton; 3, D Wright; 4, A Barr; 5, T Lennox.

Lift Plough, Short Board 10 inch – 1, W Wright.

Competitor who has never won a cup previously – R Brown.

Best work done by a Ransome lift plough with Ransome body – T Clyde.

Best ins and outs in field – S Pinkerton.

Best back – L McMillan.

Best Hint – T Clyde.

Youngest ploughman – T Lennox.

Championship of field – T Clyde.


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