Success for Ballyblack WI

Ballyblack WI SM Farm

At the recent Autumn Council Meeting of the Federation of Women’s Institutes of Northern Ireland Ballyblack WI was delighted to receive three trophies.

The institute had the great honour of being awarded the Macausland Rosebowl as the Institute of the Year. The trophy was presented in memory of Miss Dorothea Macausland, founder of the Women’s Institute in Northern Ireland in 1932.

The institute was congratulated particularly for the members’ work in the community. The Rosebowl had previously been awarded to the institute when it was first presented in 1988. At that time the motto was “don’t spectate, participate” and members are still encouraged to do so.

The Dorman trophy was awarded to Christine Gordon for the best original article written by a WI member which had been published in the Ulster Countrywoman magazine over the past year. The article was about Christine’s and her husband’s experiences training two puppies for Guide Dogs.

The Northern Bank trophy was awarded to the Donaghadee and Ballyblack institutes for their joint entry in the City of Belfast Flower Autumn Show.

The entry was on the theme “Centenary Celebrations” and included a smocked dress completed by Barbara Kane from Ballyblack as part of the display.


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