Success for clubs at Arts Festival

Bleary Arts TD Farm
n Colin Capper and Jessica Davidson managed the tuck shop.

BLEARY Young Farmers’ Club teamed up with Mountnorris Young Farmers to take to the stage at the Arts Festival competition within the YFCU.

The club was awarded ‘Best Newcomers’ which will be presented at the Arts Festival Finals on Saturday, March 28. An outstanding achievement for the club!

n Bleary boys who helped backstage – Kyle, Ben, Jamie and Nathan. :

The play, which was entitled ‘Boris at the Olympics’, was performed in Portadown Town Hall on Wednesday, February 12. The clubs put on an excellent performance as this was their first time at the Arts Festival. The play was produced by Bleary member Abby Morton, who put a lot of hard work into the production and running of the performance. The club wishes to extend a massive thank you to Abby for her hard work.

The club also wishes to thank Rosement Cottage Farm Meats, run by local farmer Colin Capper and girlfriend Zara, who provided raffle prizes for Bleary YFC, Jessica Davison, Bleary member, who organised and provided the tuck shop for the interval, and most importantly, the Bleary boys Kyle and Ben Allen, Nathan Dick and Jamie Bunting, who worked hard backstage with lights, props and music. Thank you to all. Congratulations to all cast members and all the other clubs involved!

n The cast. :

Bleary Young Farmers will have a stand at Mullahead Ploughing match on Saturday (29th) – make sure to come along and visit. All support is greatly appreciated for this event. Stay up to date with Bleary YFC on social media platforms, Facebook or Instagram @blearyyoungfarmers


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