Ducks 24-1-19 SM Farm

A number of exhibitors, judges, stewards and spectators travelled to Lanark market at the weekend for the Scottish National Poultry and Championship Egg Show.

Artie Rice had the honour of being asked to judge the Rosecomb classes, Darren Gillespie the Dutch, and Joshua Kittle the Geese and Heavy Ducks. Artie’s champion went on to be Best True Bantam.

Championship row was gradually filled up with many exhibits from home featuring in the much sought-after pens.

Best Opposite Size Rhode Island Red Pullet – C&P Sweeney;

Champion General Large Fowl Soft Feather White Wyandotte Cockerel – P Swandell;

Best Opposite Size Rare Large Thuringian Cock – Peter Hamill;

Champion Hamburg Bantam Pullet – Daniel Moore;

Champion Poland Standard White Crested Black Pullet – C&P Sweeney;

Champion Faverolle Large Salmon Pullet – M&R Neill;

Best Opposite Size Modern Game Large Black Red Cock – Mervyn Elliott;

Best OEG Blue Furnace Pullet – Robert Dundee;

Best Carlisle Large Carlisle Grey Pullet – Jonny Blaney;

Best Utility Barred Rock Hen – Jean Wall;

Best Opposite Size Orpington Large Black Pullet – Geoff Weir;

Best Children’s Decorated Egg – Grace Caraher.

Other successes in the various classes and sections were:

Overall Waterfowl Points – Peter Hamill;

Best Opposite Sex Furnace Cock – Adams & McLaren;

Reserve Best Carlisle Brown Red Cock – Jonny Blaney;

Best AOC Carlisle Blue Grey Hen – Jonny Blaney;

Best Hardfeather Trio Brown Red Carlisle – Jonny Blaney;

Best Saxony Duck – D&M Gillespie;

Champion Novice Rosecomb – M&R Neill;

Special Cuckoo Leghorn Hen – Mark Graham;

Reserve Champion Serama – Joshua Kittle;

Best Opposite Sex Sussex Light Sussex Cockerel – Fullerton family.

n There were many other great results in the classes of birds and waterfowl.

Well done to all the exhibitors.

n Many thanks to the hard working secretary Robert Macdonald and his wife Lorraine, all the Red Coats and Joshua Kittle for his fantastic pictures.


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