Successful calf rearing for long term benefits


ALTHOUGH farmers today are well informed about feeding adequate amounts of colostrum to the new-born calf in a timely manner, the benefits of achieving maximum weight performance from day two to weaning are far less documented.

The long-term benefits of achieving a better developed calf at weaning has proven to deliver increased daily yields and improved disease immunity. It is also now widely accepted that the effects of increased growth pre-weaning on first lactation alone is circa +300 litres milk yield.

According to Agritech Sales Director John Kenny: “Farmers only get one chance to set a calf up for lifetime performance. At Agritech, we understand the challenges of the new-born calf and work with leaders in calf nutrition to bring a calf milk replacer which will encourage the stable and efficient rearing of calves.”

The Vitalac Calf Milk Replacer Range from Nukamel offers a well-balanced level of highly digestible fat and protein via carefully selected, high quality ingredients. These quality ingredients are further enhanced through the use of advanced techniques and technology such as Spray Cooling Technology, which has been proven to increase average daily live-weight gain and concentrate feed intakes.

While feeding a high-quality calf milk replacer is important in achieving growth and development targets, John also states that particular attention should be given to the overall management and environment in which calves are being reared to avoid the onset of disease and illness.


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