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Successful conclusion to Gamekeepers Lodge league

THE Gamekeepers Lodge Equestrian Centre, Kilkeel, ran a very successful August league. The centre wishes to thank everyone who participated and supported them.

Up and coming events include a six-week Hallowe’en league from September 24, followed by a six-week Christmas league commencing on November 12.

For any further information, contact Ruth on 07709 739358 or PM via Facebook.


August League

Cross-poles: 1) Connor Doran, Hazy; 2) Jackson Burns, Billy; 3) Florence Dowdall-Lait, Weeman; 4) Harley Nesbitt, Nibbles; 5) Ava Trainor, TBags.

40cm: 1) John Tomlinson, Sassy; 2) Ariana McKee, Sassy; 3) Ruby Mulvenna, Zulu; 4) Sinead Martin, Billy; 5) Grace Lacey, Duke.

60cm: 1) Ava Morgan, Prince; 2) Holly Crozier, Secret; 3) Eimear O’Rourke, Jessie; 4) Olivia Ryan, Starsky; 5) Courtney McConnell, Pippa.

75cm: 1) Tierna Harper, Jessie; 2) Ava Morgan, Prince; 3) Alex Annett, Lisa; 4) Holly Crozier, Secret; 5) Leanna Rose Devlin, Bella.

85cm: 1) Molly McGinn, Lizzie; 2) Lily Rose McGinn, Giggles; 3) Caitlin Trainor, Zara; 4) Chloe McAlinden, Secret; 5) Grainne Rooney, Beanie.

90cm-1m: 1) Molly McGinn, Lizzie; 2) Charley Hanna, Crystal; 3) Caitlin Trainor, Zara.


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