Successful Derby for Warrenpoint club

Warrenpoint RC BR Farm
LINE UP: Winners of the 75cm competition at the Warrenpoint and District Riding Club Derby on Sunday. (FW34-560NN)

WARRENPOINT and District Riding Club held a very successful Derby last Sunday, over a mixture of rustic and coloured poles, with a bank and two triple jumps. It was a good competition with high entries in every class. Cash prizes of £25 for first in each class were sponsored by JH Fitted Furniture.

The club plans to run another chance to jump over the same course next Sunday, August 26, starting at 10am; £8 for members £10 for non-members.

Silver Show

The club also looks forward to hosting their Silver / End of Year Show on Sunday, September 2, starting at 10am.

Classes include Lead Rein (ponies) – open to everyone; Style and Appearance for Horses and Ponies – open to everyone; Working Hunter for Horses and Ponies. Silver and End of Year judging – open to members and non- members. Max heights will be 75cm ponies, 90cm horses.

60cm, 75cm, 90cm and 1 metre Show jumping Silver Show – open to everyone.

Mini Foxpool – members only, 80cm two-phase pony competition. One round rustic fences, one round show jumping fences. Judged separately.

Foxpool – members only, 90cm two-phase horse competition. One round rustic fences, one round show jumping fences. Judged separately.

Cunningham Cup – members only, 90cm horse competition.

Top Score – Fun accumulative points jumping at end of Show – open to everyone.

Entry fees will be £10 members, £12 non-members.


Sunday, August 19


60cm: 1) Cara McDonald, DeeDee.

75cm: 1) Sarah Jane Trainor, Chelsea Rose; 2) Cara Cunningham, Peppy; 3) Annabelle Cowden, Pepper; 4) Ruby Proctor, Toffee; 5) Lauren McGrath, Poppy; 6) Patricia Devlin, Shirona.

90cm: 1) Amy O’Hare, War Lady; 2) Vanessa Baird, Clover; 3) Ruth Baird, Tina; 4) Joe Haffey, Hillhead Lad; 5) Jessica Johnston, Marchese Gemstone; 6) Patricia Devlin, Shirona.

1 metre: 1) Melissa McKee, Beach Babe; 2) Rachel McKee, Dollie; 3) Robert McKee, Maverick; 4) Jordan Parr, Shirona; 5) Tommy Parr, Cloughmore Lady.


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