Successful Working Hunter Show at Lisbane Farm

Eric Pele's WH BR Farm
CONGRATULATIONS: Hannah Blakely on ‘Lougherne Leo’ being congratulated by Jane Collins and Eric Pele at the Working Hunter Show at Lisbane Farm. (FW09-524NN)

THE great weather recently encouraged a very good turn out to Lisbane Farm on Saturday, February 16 for the Working Hunter Show, supported by the Downpatrick Turley family of Kingsfield Haylage and the more recently established Equine Veterinary practice of David Turley. Classes included qualifiers for the Northern Ireland Festival.

Show organiser Éric Pelé of Lisbane Farm Saintfield, presented competitors with a beautifully decorated course, as well as inviting and technically challenging features of the Derby arena including banks and ditches.

1M: Left, Hannah Blakely and ‘Lougherne Leo’ won the 1m horse class at the Working Hunter Show at Lisbane Farm. (FW09-523NN)

Judges Chloe Thompson and Allister McDonald enjoyed a great turnout with a wide range of riders from smaller novice classes to the bigger metre and 1.10m classes, which created challenging competition between riders.

Dromore teen Poppy Moore was well noticed on the day after winning two classes on her 143cm pony ‘Crecora Angel’.

The bigger horse classes were entered with experienced riders, such as Hannah Blakely, who produced a foot perfect round with the beautiful ‘Lougherne Leo’, sired by the late and famous ‘Limmerick’, owned by the Collins family of Lougherne Stud.

Well done to everyone who competed and congratulations to those who qualified for the Northern Ireland Festival – organisers hope to see you at the next Working Hunter and NIF Qualifier show on Saturday, March 23.


Saturday, February 16

Pony classes

60cm Cradle Stakes: 1) Mia Agnell, Penny; 2) Katie Donnelly, Ardfry Bailey; 3) Megan Houston, Jack; 4) Sarah McPolin, Honeyn; 5) Brooke Raferty, Pennway Becastle.

70cm Starter Stakes: 1) Katie Donnelly, Ardfry Bailey; 2) Brooke Raferty, Pennway Becastle; 3) Mia Agnell, Penny; 4) Megan Houston, Jack.

80cm 133cm/ M&M under 133cm: 1) James Murphy, Danny Boy; 2) Emmalee Turley, Mountain Dew Boy; 3) Lucia McNamee, Blackjack; 4) Caitlin Stewart, Colville Champ.

90cm 143cm/ M&M under 143cm: 1) Poppy Moore, Crecora Angel; 2) Elle McDonnell, Sunny Bill William; 3) James Murphy, Danny Boy; 4) Dara McCracken, Ballyrussell Boy; 5) Megan Carson, Dun Deal.

1m 153cm/ M&M Large: 1) Poppy Moore, Crecora Angel; 2) Emily House, Crannard King of Hearts; 3) Dora McCracken, Ballyrussell Boy.

Horse classes

60cm: 1) Adele Huddleson, Kevin 1; 2) Karen Norman, Henry.

70cm/ Four-Year-Old: 1) Chloe Rooney, Nora; 2) Hannah Blakely, Golden Grove Silhouette; 3) Olivia Pelé, Cockle Hill; 4) Adele Huddleson, Kevin 1; 5) Caitlin Stewart, Drumgonney Lad (4 year old winner).

80cm: 1) Amy Harvey, India Rose; 2) Jane Collins, Lougherne Inspired; 3) Rachel Blaney, Topknee Legally Blonde; 4) Claire Forsythe, Rock; 5) Deirdragh Murphy, Pearl.

85cm/ Smalls: 1) Amy Harvey, India Rose; 2) Sophie Grainger, Chanel No.5; 3) Chloe Rooney, Paddington; 4) David Wightman, Harry.

90cm: 1) Margery Warnock, Butterfly Charm; 2) Lynn Cherry, no name; 3) Kirsty Jackson, Charming Lad; 4) Cerys Howell, Leo; 5) Chloe Rooney, Paddington.

1m: 1) Hannah Blakely, Lougherne Leo; 2) Kirsty Jackson, Charming Lad; 3) Resse Hogg, Smythy; 4) Cerys Howell, Leo; 5) Margery Warnock, Butterfly Charm.

90CM: Margery Warnock on ‘Butterfly Charm’ won the 90cm horse class at the Working Hunter Show at Lisbane Farm. (FW09-522NN)

1.10m: 1) Rachel Rendle, BallyValley Bay; 2) Jas Hogg, Rebel.


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