Summer of poultry auctions and sales drawing to a close

Ducks 15-8-19 SM Farm

By Guy Richardson

The hatching season for poultry keepers is, in most cases, complete and now our attention turns to selecting what birds to keep and what to move on.

n Some of this year’s young ducks at Tannaghmore. :

Over the next couple of months we have some of the best annual poultry sales. These are great events where you will meet up with other poultry keepers and be able to obtain a vast range of different breeds of poultry and waterfowl as well as poultry rearing equipment.

These events are very educational – no matter how long you’ve been keeping birds, you will always see a breed or variety you haven’t seen before.

This is the time to obtain a new breed or replacement stock or move on some of your own birds.

Upcoming events include:

The Rare Breed Survival Trust NI Support Groups annual show and auction is being held this Saturday (August 17) at Gosford Forest Park, Markethill, County Armagh.

The birds in the show and auction are already entered and there is an online list of these entries on the RBST site.

There is a great range of breeds and varieties available of large and bantam poultry, domestic waterfowl and ornamental waterfowl. There are over 300 lots of pairs and trios of fowl which are all examined by a veterinary surgeon and then judged.

If you are attending this event to try to purchase some of the wonderful birds on display you should attend early in order to get a bidder’s number, have a good look around the entries maybe get a chance to speak to the poultry breeders.

You will also need suitable boxes or crates for taking the birds home but, most importantly, enjoy the craic of the show and the auction.

Hope to see you all there.

Tannaghmore Open Farm’s bird fair is set for next Saturday, August 24, at Silverwood, Craigavon

This is the 24th anniversary of this wonderful bird fair set in the grounds beside the Tannaghmore Open Farm.

The fair is on from 10am to 2pm with sellers arriving earlier to set up their display of poultry and poultry equipment.

This sale is based on a car boot type event with poultry keepers from across the country bringing birds along. This is a great opportunity to try your haggling skills to obtain birds at a price that both the buyer and seller can agree upon.

Tannaghmore Farm is currently keeping a great range of rare and minority fowl breeds and will have a few of these birds for sale within its marquee in the sale field. Again this is a great day out and an opportunity to obtain a breed of fowl which helps to maintain one of our many old breeds.

The Gosford Poultry Fair on Saturday, September 21, in Gosford Forest Park, Markethill, County Armagh.

This event, which is situated within the picturesque forest, is a great day out for all the family. Also based on a car boot type arrangement with gates open for sellers from 6.30am.

This event attracts sellers and buyers from across the country. In previous years I have met poultry keepers who have travelled more than three hours to be at this event.

If you are intending to obtain new stock at any of these events please bring along suitable boxes or cages to bring your birds home.

For me these events are great days out and something that I look forward to all year.


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