Summer poultry shows greatly missed

Ducks 16-7-20 SM Farm

They told her: “Since Covid-19 began I’d say it has taken the fun and interest away from hatching a large number of birds. Also, a lot of the social side of the poultry world has been affected as we have no summer shows to look forward to.

“We always look forward to the shows as we take pride in showing our best birds and also meeting up with friends.

“This pandemic has also affected sales of birds, both privately and socially at poultry fairs and auctions.”

To safeguard the public all agricultural events due to have been held earlier this year have been cancelled, along with poultry fairs.

However, with the Covid-19 rules starting to be relaxed, it is hoped that some open air events may be allowed to happen before the year is out, as long as the regulations are followed.

FarmWeek spoke to the organiser of the annual Gosford Poultry Fair in Markethill, County Armagh, which is held on the third Saturday of September each year.

He has applied to run the event this year as planned, but is awaiting a decision.

If this poultry fair is allowed to proceed it will be announced on the Poultry page along with the guidelines that have to be adhered to.

Stay safe everyone.


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