Sun heats up the sales of ice cream

Ice cream SM Farm
©Press Eye/Darren Kidd

Temperatures exceeding 25C this week have sent Northern Ireland into ice-cream meltdown, with dairy company Dale Farm reporting a record sales increase compared to this time last year.

Nigel Cairns, Commercial Director for Dale Farm Ice Cream, said: “Dale Farm’s ice cream sales have rocketed thanks to June’s summer heatwave as people seek to keep cool. We are delighted to report that ice cream sales figures for last month were up 52 per cent on last year.

“The hot weather and record temperatures have been fantastic news for our business.

The huge increase has meant our team has had to work incredibly hard to meet this increased demand and we are taking extra steps to ensure that freezers across the country are stocked-up with ice cream as the good weather looks set to continue.”


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