Sun shines down on Hazeldene Jump Mix

Hazeldene jump mix BR Farm
JUMP MIX: Amy Steele and ‘Big Adventure’ competing at the Jump Mix competition at Hazeldene. (FW48-533NN)

THE weather played a blinder on Sunday… literally, as the sun shone all day, giving competitors an enjoyable experience around their ‘Jump Mix’ track at Hazeldene, Ballynahinch!

There was a great entry once again and competition was tight, but there more clear rounds on the day, meaning that placings came down to those who were closest to the optimum time.

1.10M WINNERS: Above right, Christina Turley on ‘Bob’ and Jen Corner on ‘George’ came first and second respectively in the 1.10m class at the Jump Mix competition at Hazeldene. (FW48-532NN)

This was the third date of the Jump Mix League and the fourth and final date will be held after Christmas.


Sunday, November 22


1) Sophie Lynn; 2) Angela Cartwright; 3) Holly Rice.


1) Melanie Talbot; 2) Una Megoran; 3) Claire Walker.


1) Alex Greer; 2) Una Megoran; 3) Emily McGowan.


1) Emily McGowan; 2) James Murphy; 3) Michaela Donnelly.


1) Christina Turley; 2) Amy Hebburn; 3) Kerry Parkhill.


1M LINE UP: Right, Christina Turley and Kerry Parkhill came first and third respectively in the 1m class at the Jump Mix competition at Hazeldene. (FW48-531NN)

1) Christina Turley; 2) Jen Corner.


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