Sun shines for Knockagh View Summer Show

IN ACTION: Charlotte McAllister and Ruby in working hunter action. (FW36-511NN)

KNOCKAGH View Equestrian Centre, Greenisland, held a summer show recently. There was a full range of showing and working hunter classes with some real ‘quality’ on show.

Thanks go to judges Victoria Tueton, Nathan McCausland, Desna Lewis and Brian Lewis for doing a fantastic job and keeping the show moving, it was a long day.

COMPETITOR: Reserve Champion of the show, Rachel Simons and Muckrim Eoghan. (FW36-510NN)

Knockagh View has an outdoor derby scheduled for Sunday September 8 with classes from 45cms to 90cms, for full details visit


Lead Rein pony (no trot) – 1st Ella Latto, Newoak Honeymoon; 2nd Breagh McGoran, Kauros little Gem; 3rd William Shannon, Maen Addwyn Darwin; 4th Lexie Dawson, Stoneyglen leuks pony; 5th Harriet Donnelly, Timmy; 6th Beth McDowell, Honey.

Lead Rein Pony – 1st Kjerstin Chissel, Treowen Sapphire; 2nd Jodie McKay, Linksbury Raindrop; 3rd Ella Latto, Newoak Honeymoon; 4th Breagh McGoren, Karo’s Little Gem; 5th Kate McDowell, Honey; 6th Jay Machett, Lone Ash Jem.

Family pony lead rein – 1st Jayden Farren, Millie; 2nd Breagh McGoren, Kauros Little Gem; 3rd Harriet Donnelly, Timmy;. 4th Lauren Hamil, Moon.

First Year First Ridden – 1st Alicia Reid, Glanhayl Galaxy of Taffeta; 2nd Mis McKay, Glenrowan Nutcracker.

First Ridden Pony – 1st Chloe McLaughlin, Hollie; 2nd Alicia Reid, Glenhayl Galaxy of Taffeta.

Family pony first ridden – 1st Kezaia Boyce, Als Rosetti; 2nd Erin Glennie, Silver Bonnie.

Mini Champion – Kjerstin Chissel, Treowen Sapphire; Reserve: Jodie McKay, Linkbury Raindrop

Coloured Pony In Hand – 1st Leanne Adams, Jupiter; 2nd Grace Morton, Ballymacasion Jolene; 3rd Georgia Rea, Jasper.

M&M In-hand – 1st Lisa Booth, Ladyvalley; 2nd Bobbi Fleming, Louthwaite Bobbin; 3rd Ellie Miskelly, Ballagh Rebel; 4th Gregory Trainer, Seabreeze Lady; 5th Becky Woodside, Moorland Summer Wind; 6th Alicia Rainey, Bingo.

Hunter/ Riding type in hand – 1st Philip Houston, Trenavey Limelight; 2nd Georgia Rea, Jasper.

Youngstock in hand – 1st Chloe Thompson, Battlesgent; 2nd Daryl McKinney, Loguestown Irish Cream.

Young handler – 1st Lexi Rainey, Bingo; 2nd Alicia Reid, Glahayl Galaxy of Taffeta; 3rd Kezaia Boyce, Als Rosetti; 4th Erin McCoy, Lottie; 5th Georgie Rea, Jasper; 6th William Shannon, Maenaddwyn Darwin.

In-hand Champion – Chloe Thompson, Battles Gent; Reserve: Lisa Booth, Lady Valley

Ridden Horse Veteran – 1st Susan Coulson, Sunny Cruise; 2nd Gillian Steenson, Splash Dance; 3rd Elaine Leinster, Greystone Golden Lady; 4th Ellie Johnston, The General; 5th Helen Meldrum, Ballycaptain; 6th Leeann Radcliffe, Inca of Drummond.

In-Hand Veteran – 1st Lucy Coulter, White Touch; 2nd Chloe Beophy, The Millerway; 3rd Leeann Radcliffe, Inca of Drummond; 4th Kelly Kidd, Greystone Golden Lady.

Ridden Veteran Pony – 1st Chloe Beophy, The Millerway,

Veteran Champion: Susan Coulson, Sunny Cruise; Reserve: Gillian Steenson, Splash Dance

Newcomers Horse – 1st Alison Smith, Alis first Edition; 2nd Hannah Gorry, Fancy; 3rd Eileen Carlin, Teddy; 4th Helen Meldrum, Ballycaptain; 5th Lucy Coulter, Whitetouch; 6th Rachel Conn, Flossy Girl.

Ridden Hunter – 1st Helen Forgrave, Ossieman; 2nd Reah Magee, Lady Zara; 3rd Charlie McHugh, Oyster Bay; 4th Pam Fox, Bonnie Foxy Lady; 5th Hannah Carry, Fancy; 6th Eileen Carlin, Teddy.

Small Hunter – 1st Reah Magee, Lady Zara; 2nd Grainne Moore, Hugo; 3rd Robyn Catterall, Mull on the run; 4th Alison Smith, Ali’s first Edition; 5th Rachel Conn, Flossy Girl; 6th Lindsay Kirk, Moygannon Diamond Lady.

Cobs – 1st Mandy Gillespie, Ashhill Smoothie.

Riding Horse – 1st Katie Burns, Highlight; 2nd Cherie McHugh, Oyster Bay; 3rd Coral Logue, Franklin; 4th Hollie McGahm, Maximus; 5th Victoria White, TempleBui; 6th Helen Hoffin, Rachael.

Coloured Horse – 1st Rachel Alexander, Nothing but naughty Harvey.

Racehorse to riding horse – 1st Grace Ann Elliott, Adsup; 2nd Robyn Catterall, Mull on the run; 3rd Karen Johnston, Perish the pack.

Horse Ridden Champion – Katie Burns, Highlight; Reserve: Reah Magee, Lady Zara

Newcomers Pony – 1st Ellie Miskelly, Ballagh Rebel; 2nd Anna Jackson, Woodchip; 3rd Kezaia Boyce, Als Rosetti; 4th Lucy Irvine, Georgie; 5th Erin Glenie, Silver Bonnie; 6th Mya Morrison, Mr Potato Head.

M&M Ridden Pony – 1st Faye Gabby, Llanveynoe Oki Doki; 2nd Sophie McAlister, Jessie; 3rd Colleen Murtagh, Shanaghy Star; 4th Lisa Booth, Lady Valley; 5th Bobbi Fleming, Louthwaite Bobbin; 6th Katelyn Irvine, Duach Shadow.

Ridden Show Hunter Pony – 1st Anna Jackson, Woodchip; 2nd Grace Morton, Ballymacasion Jolene; 3rd Maria Kelly, Stella Sweetpea; 4th Kezaia Boyce, Als Rosetti; 5th Julie-lee Radcliffe, A dream come true; 6th Erin Glenie, Silver Bonnie.

Ridden Show Pony – 1st Annabelle Hendren, Palmsfields Royal Trooper; 2nd Georgia Rea, Jasper; 3rd Megan Houston, Tremavey Limelight; 4th Alison Stewart, Sasha.

Coloured Pony – 1st Kate Spence, Umgall Bridge; 2nd Grace Morton, Ballymacasion Jolene; 3rd Georgia Rea, Jasper; 4th Charlotte McAlister, Ruby.

Pony Ridden Champion – Faye Gabby, Llanveynoe Oki Doki; Reserve: Anna Jackson, Woodchip

50cms WHP – 1st Becky Woodside, Moorland Summer Wind

65cms WHP – 1st Rachel Simons, Muckrim, Eoghan; 2nd Skye Dawson, Solo Star; =3rd Eve Lindsay, Toffee; =3rd Erin McCoy, Lottie; 5th Lucy Ingram, Mr Darcy; 6th Chloe McLaughlin, Teddy Boy.

65cm Horse WH – 1st Stephanie Farren, Bea; 2nd Rachel Conn, Flossy Girl.

80cms WHP – 1st Erin McCoy, Lottie; 2nd Sophie McAlister, Jessie; 3rd Cormac Murtagh, Shanaghy Star; 4th Megan Ingram, McGarrett Cascade Lady; 5th Rachel Simons, Muckrim Eoghan; 6th Skye Dawson, Solo Star.

80cms Horse WH – 1st Grainne Moore, Hugo; 2nd Anna Rainey, Ebony; 3rd Helen Forgrave, Ossie Man; 4th Zara Gabbey, Roostey Star; 5th Stephanie Farren, Annie; 6th Kerry Jones, Amber.

90cms WHP – 1st Julie Lee Radcliffe, A dream come true; 2nd Alex Watt, Ted; 3rd Cormac Murtagh Shanaghy Star.

90cms Horse WH – 1st Helen Forgrave, Ozzie Man; 2nd Ellie Nesbitt, Glencaryn; 3rd Stephanie Farren, Double Ludo; 4th Coral Logue, Franklin.

Working Hunter Champion – Rachel Simmons, Muckrim Eoghan; Reserve: Helen Forgrave, Ozzie Man

SUCCESS: Supreme Champion of the show, Faye Gabbey and Llanveynoe Oki Doki. (FW36-509NN) Pictures

Overall Supreme Champion: Faye Gabby, Llanveynoe Oki Doki; Reserve: Rachel Simmons, Muckrim Eoghan.


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