Sun shines on competitors at Necarne Castle

Enniskillen Horse and Pony BR Farm
PONY PRIZE: Aldyth Roulston, representing sponsor Sparkling Equine, presents a rug to Mackenzie Carmody, winner of 138 1m pony class at Enniskillen Horse and Pony Show. (FW27-575NN) PICTURE: courtesy of Smyths Photography

CONDITIONS were perfect this year at Necarne Castle for Enniskillen Horse and Pony Show, which was held on Saturday, June 23.

Change to arena layouts resulted in good positive feedback from riders in both horse and pony classes.

ON COURSE: One young competitor competing in the SJI Pony Jumping in the sand arena at Enniskillen Horse and Pony Show. (FW27-574NN)

Organisers would like to thank judges, course builders, volunteers, caterers and other staff for helping to make this a very successful event.

Furthermore, the show would not be a success without the competitors, as there was a marked increase in entries this year.

Organisers would also like to thank CAFRE and security staff for their help when organising the event.

Finally, a huge thank you is extended to all the sponsors, including: Fermanagh and Omagh District Council; Ewing Bro’s Transport; Richard Trimble; Cameron Landscapes and Garden Centre; Hassard and McClements Ltd; George Crawford and Son; Bothwell Farm Supplies; John Trimble; George Lee; Paul Donaldson; Intercool Engineering; Wrights Quarry; Walter Beacom Financial Services; Turning Point Properties; Sparkling Equine; Modern Tyres; Kyle Hayes and Samantha McCurdy; Omagh Equestrian and Country Wear; Emir Lervy – A Chiropractor Touch; Ashley Neeley (EFEC) / Bluegrass; Johnston’s Agri Lisnaskea; Carrybridge Lakeside Lodge; Walmsley Tractors; Loaneden Caravan Park; Bert Jones; Jennings Fuels; Killyhevlin Hotel; Diageo; Bassetts; Louise Presho; Samantha Boyd; Red Mills; Erne Veterinary; Three Valleys Vets; J Callaghan Photography; Alan Robertson – Robertson Equine; Fermanagh Harriers Branch of the Pony Club; Sarah Taggart and McCullagh’s Fuels and Feeds.

Thanks are also extended to photographers OC Photos, Smyths Photography and Alison Coote Photography for attending and capturing the action on the day.


Saturday, June 23

Enniskillen Horse and Pony Show


Class 1A confined to Fermanagh Lead Rein:

1) Yrenfys Llwynag, Claudia Black; 2) Bonnie, Khloe Carrothers; 3) Penny Lane, Cara Sommerville; 4) Tabitha, Mia Kavanagh.

Class 1B Open Lead Rein:

1) Kensington Lady, Scarlett Wilson; 2) Bonnie, Khloe Carrothers; 3) Sophie, Henry Coote; 4) Princess, Matthew Shannon.

Class 2A confined to Fermanagh First Ridden:

1) Rhyd-y-felin Stickler, Julia Mulligan; 2) Roxy, Brooke Morrow; 3) Donnie Darco, Emily Black; 4) Cheerna, Lucy Currie; 5) Penny, Emily Bothwell; 6) Misty, Karla Crozier.

Class 2B Open Ridden:

1) Bonnie, Kerri Carrothers; 2) Kensington Lady, Scarlett Wilson; 3) Barney, Katelyn McKernaghan.

Class 3 ponies up to 128cm rider under 13:

1) Rhyd-y-Felin Stickler, Julia Mulligan; 2) Devonhayes Marble, Rianna Mulligan; 3) Roxy, Brooke Morrow; 4) Princess, Rebecca Shannon.

Class 4 ponies up to 138cm rider under 15:

1) Elmland Knight, Rianna Mulligan; 2) George, Erin Sheridan; 3) Finchogue Aztec, Victoria Lilly.

Class 5 ponies up to 148cm rider under 17:

1) Hawkeye, Adrianna Hurst; 2) BlackJack, Lucia McNamee; 3) Honeybear, Cara Mae O’Connor.

Champion Ridden Pony:

Elmland Knight, Rianna Mulligan; Reserve: Hawkeye, Adrianna Hurst.

Class 7 Family Pony rider under 17:

1) Niall Bruce; 2) Candy, Ella Cashel; 3) Blackjack, Lucia McNamee; 4) Tornado, Nikita Thompson; 5) Roxy, Brooke Morrow; 6) Finchogue Aztec, Victoria Lilly.

Class 8 Fancy Dress open to all ponies & riders:

1) Finchogue Aztec, Victoria Lilly; 2) Roxy, Brooke Morrow; 3) Cara Somerville, Penny; 4) Alice Black, Pepper.

Class 9 1,2,3 year old Connemara – Filly, Colt or gelding:

1) James Naan, Tullanna Lisabell.

Class 10 mare or gelding 4 years upwards shown in hand:

1) Forest View Dunally Joy, Caroline Shield.

Class 11 Ridden Connemara Rider up to 16 years:

1) Craigstown Mirahs Breeze, Amy Barr.

Class 12 Ridden Connemara Rider over 16 years:

1) CAFRE Phantom, Corrie Maguire; 2) Forest View Dunnolly Joy, Caroline Shield.

Connemara Champion:

James Naan, Tullanna Lisabell; Reserve: CAFRE Phantom, Corrie Maguire.

Class 14 Ridden Hunter Confined to Fermanagh or 10 mile radius of Necarne:

1) Lux Penny, Martin Traynor; 2) Dickie Beau, Ann Regan; 3) Emilia Van Erpekom, Jenna Crawford; 4) Mix and Match, Kelly Brown.

Class 15 Small Ridden Hunter:

1) Dickie Beau, Ann Regan; 2) Mastermind, Alison Crozier; 3) General Amiro, Gwen Scott; 4) Proud to be Mylie, Kyra Crawford; 5) Barleyhill Dream, Drenna Harron.

Class 16 Lighweight, Medium or Heavyweight Hunter:

1) Lux Penny, Martin Traynor; 2) Dinstown Cool Customer, Sarah Mawhinney; 3) Lady, Kelly McGrath.

Class 17 Ridden Cob:

1) Barnstormer, Ann Regan; 2) Lord Sambo, Rachel McKernaghan; 3) Mix and Match, Kelly Brown; 4) Charlie, Patricia Keenan; 5) Bracken, Carol Kelly; 6) Toby, Barbara Lunny.

Class 18 Ridden Irish Draught:

1) Braeview Codega, Kathryn Knox; 2) Dinstown Cool Customer, Sarah Mawhinney; 3) Lux Penny, Martin Traynor; 4) Drumralla Lady, Freya Sayle.

Champion Ridden Horse:

Braeview Codega, Kathryn Knox; Reserve: Barnstormer, Ann Regan.

Class 20 Coloured Horse and Pony Shown in Hand:

1) Kelly Brown, Mix and Match; 2) Barbara Lunny, Toby.

Class 21 Young Handler in Hand Class:

1) Fire Cracker, Julia Mulligan; 2) Moonlight, Niamh Sheridan; 3) Hawkeye, Adrianna Hurst; 4) George, Erin Sheridan.

Class 22 Broodmare in foal or Stinted:

1) Lisa Doogan, M C Clover.

Class 24 Traditional Cob in Hand:

1) Lorraine White, SD High Flyer; 2) Claire Holston, Kilmurtagh Molly; 3) Diane Little, Dan.

Class 25 Open Shetland Class:

1) Andrew Latimer, Darkie.

Class 26 Miniature Horse Open Class:

1) Mervyn Latimer, Shalom Satin Silversmith; 2) Jamie McCann, Summerose Rock Star; 3) Mervyn Latimer, Meadowview Cottage Firecracker; 4) Jamie McCann, Sauls Rest.

Show jumping – Horses

90cm (Double Clears):

=1) CHS Interception, Kathryn O’Hagan; Cairnview Countess, Elizabeth Craig; Quality Lady, John Mulligan; CHS Bondi Beach, Kathryn O’Hagan; Fyfir Gold, Jonathan Smyth; Amber Vision, Eric Smith; Currower Lass, Vanessa Sweeney.


1) Vanessa’s Pride, Vanessa Sweeney; 2) Cheeky Blonde, Nicholas Bothwell; 3) Little Miss Molly, Helen Pearson-Murray.


1) Akasha, Lynne Russell; 2) Cadence Dreamer, Ellie Johnston; 3) Salsa, Lynne Russell.

1.10m Ladies Top Oil:

1) Rockmount Misty Star, Lynne Russell; 2) Salsa, Lynne Russell; 3) Doing All Right Clover, Carly Breydin.


1) Legawallons Moonshine, Kevin Mackey; 2) Amy B, Emma Jackson; 3) Akasha, Lynne Russell.


1) Cruising Lux, Peter Smyth; 2) Charlton Clio, Jonathan Smyth; 3) Fyfin Charlie, Jonathan Smyth.

Show jumping – Ponies

128 50cm (Double Clears):

=1) My Party Pop, Kaitlin McCrory; Casper, Juliana Nelson; Billy Frazer, Elizabeth McCracken; Manny, Lexie Maguire; Winnie The Pooh, Sarah McLaughlin; Blue (GCS), Daniel Pearson.

128 60cm (Double Clears):

=1) Super Sonic, Sarah McLaughlin; Drums Girl, Lexie Maguire; Billy Frazer, Elizabeth McCracken; Casper, Juliana Nelson; Blue (GCS), Daniel Pearson; My Party Pop, Kaitlin McCrory; Knockavoe Merlin, Caoimhian Sharkey; Emerald Chubba, Nial Bruce; Arrogan Samson TR, Caedaoin Currie.

128 70cm (Double Clears):

=1) Woodland Little Star, Oran Hackett; Bright Bling, Caitlin Kelly; Tuity Fruity, Caitlin Kelly; Rough Diamond, Darragh Murphy; Tyrellspass Mademoiselle, Cillian Torrens; Tabita Chantilly Lace, Jessica Baxter; Sparkling Miss Leglands, Jessica Baxter; Greenfield Mayflower, Jessica Baxter; Horizon Star, Lily Tunny; Pepsi Mac, Alexandra Kerr; Billy Frazer, Charlotte McCracken; Boreton Rocketeer, Alexandra Kiernan; Rathdrum Bobby, Alexandra Kerr; Lackamore Katie, Caomhian Sharkey; Sparkling Ganty Blazer, Caoimhian Sharkey.

128 80cm Double Clears:

=1) Molly Polly, Caoimhian Sharkey; Tabita Chantilly Lace, Jessica Baxter; Pepsi Mac, Alexandra Kerr; In It To Win It, Lily Tunney; Rathdrum Bobby, Alexandra Kerr; Ruthstown speed, Beth Thompson; Crindle Bee Two, Lily Tunney; Phoenix Phantom, Sarah McLaughlin; Nely Done That, Charlotte McCracken; Woodtown Little Star, Oran Hackett; Belinda (HSI), Anna McClean; Mrs Diablo, Hannah Thompson; Boreton Rocketeer, Alexandra Kiernan; Bradbury Blackthorn, Jessica Baxter; Miss Toastie, Lucy McCann; Princess Puzzle, Caoimhian Sharkey; Rough Diamond, Darragh Murphy; Super Sonic, Sarah McLaughlin.

128 90cm:

1) Nely Done That, Charlotte McCracken; 2) Ruthstown Speed, Beth Thompson; 3) Sparkling Class Act, Jessica Baxter.

128 1m:

1) Blaencrymlyn Super Trooper, Ben Walsh; 2) Rashers & Sausages, Ben Walsh.

138 90cm Double Clears:

=1) Sparkling Delta Dawn, Mackenzie Carmody; Keogans Boy, Beth Thompson; Kreme, Darragh Murphy; Cullagh Dawn, Che Flanaghan; Rosie (EIP), Ellie McCann; Lackaghamore Fashion, Calum Pearson; Gortmore Julie, Lucy McCann; Buster (HPA), Shannon Boville; Orfelia VD Bisschop, Cara McFadden.

138 1m:

1) Sparkling Delta Dawn, Mackenzie Carmody; 2) Knockagaron Fear bul Falcon, Emma Taylor; 3) Bobby Lee, Dylan Harry Torrens.

138 1.10m:

1) Nina Lass, Mackenzie Carmody; 2) Mr Dougherty, Cormac Taggart.

148 90cm Double Clears:

=1) Ballyvary Ripple, Mark Kerins; Knockagarron Emperor, Victoria Thompson; Clinton Class, Jennifer Torrens; Camowen Bullet, Jodie Lyons; Moonlit Connaght, Chloe McBride; Killeen Appraisal, Alexandra Kiernan; Lough Allen Dancer, Paris Douglas.

148 1m Double Clears:

=1) Vales Bluebird, Niall McEvoy; Clinton Class, Jennifer Torrens; WKD Aris Boy, Jennifer Torrens; Porthall Marcel, Erin Sweeney; Corbeagh Samba, Aoibha Treanor; Derryvane Belle, Alana Roulston; Knockagarron Emperior, Victoria Thompson; Moonlit Connaught, Chloe McBride.

148 1.10m:

1) Sparkling Castlewarren Gold, Erin Crawford; 2) Powerstation, Yiayan Evans; 3) Foyfins Lady Muck, Erin Crawford.

148 1.20m:

1M WINNER: Vanessa Sweeney, winner of the 1m Show Jumping class at Enniskillen Horse and Pony Show receiving her prize from show chairperson, Rosemary Bothwell. (FW27-573NN)

1) Foyfins Lady Muck, Erin Crawford; 2) Kiltiernan Pride, Alana Rouslton; 3) Powerstation, Yiayan Evans.


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