Sun shines on the annual rare breed show and sale at Gosford

LEFT: Darren Gillespie proudly holding his show champions.

IT was a pleasure that Gordon Walker and I were asked to judge the poultry section at the 32nd year of the rare breed show and sale at Gosford Forest Park on Saturday. This was another well organised show run by Pauline Gibson and helped by Andrew Bingham and Patricia Swandel.

With more than 200 entries Gordon and I had the difficult task of selecting a champion. We finally settled on a lovely pair of Silver Dutch females, owned by Darren Gillespie from County Armagh, and Reserve Champion was a pair of Gold Bantam Brahmas, owed by Harry Patterson from County Tyrone.

ABOVE: Tannaghmore Farm champion waterfowl, an Aylesbury duck pair

Champion rare breed was a trio of Gold Krainkoppe Bantams owed by John Neill from County Armagh whilst Champion waterfowl went to Tannaghmore Gardens in Silverwood, Craigavon, for a pair of Aylesbury ducks.

Prices were strong in some of the sections with trios of Silkies owed by David Irwin going for £55; a trio of Welsummers owed by Jonathan McKee sold at £135; whilst Show Champion Silver Dutch and a trio of Silver Dutch, both owned by Darren Gillespie, made £90 and £100 respectively.

The Aylesburys were bought for £60 and the reserve champion Brahmas made £65. Pairs of standard Light Sussex, owned by Jonathan McKee, made £70 and £75 respectively.

The quality of the birds in the show and auction were incredibly high with a huge selection of different breeds. The smallest section was the hard feather breeds but in this section were some of the least seen breeds, including Ginger Oxford Game bantams, Ko Shamos in different colours and Blue-laced Indian Game bantams.

As is customary at this event the birds are examined by a vet prior to being judged. None of the birds were removed from the event which showed the quality and health of the birds entered at this event.

ABOVE: John Neill with his champion rare breed Gold Kraienkoppe bantams.

This was an enjoyable day set within the wonderful Gosford Forest Park and I would like to thank all the exhibitors who put in the effort to produce excellent birds at the show, and thanks to William McElroy for his superb photographs from this event.


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