Sun splitting the stones at Glaslough 2

EI Glaslough 2 BR Farm
CLEAR WINNER: Tori Dixon on ‘Mawillan’ was the clear winner of the EI 100 class at Glaslough 2. (FW27-594JG)

GLASLOUGH Horse Trials 1 was a slightly damp affair, however, the sun was splitting the stones for Glaslough Horse Trials 2 at Cloncaw Equestrian, located beside the scenic village of Glaslough, just south of the border. The event attracted competitors both from both north and south.

The hot weather saw a few withdrawals due to the heat and probably a day at the beach was on the cards. In the two weeks between the first and second events, the track had been harrowed and aerovated; it also had benefitted from the heavy rain over the previous few weeks, which meant that although ground was firm, it wasn’t rock hard.

RUNNER UP: Nichola Wray on ‘Lady Grey VI’ came second in the EI 90 Amateur class at Glaslough 2. (FW27-593JG)

97 riders took on the Adam Stevenson track, which incorporated new fences and combinations built over the undulating drumlin farmland, testing horse and rider fitness, with only a small number of combinations escaping time penalties in the 1* and EI 100 classes.

Dressage started at 9.00am under the watchful eyes of judges Pat Ryan in the 1* and Martina McKinley for the EI 100 classes, while Myra Greeves judged the EI 90 A and Lynsey Craig the EI 100J and EI 90 classes.

The Meadows Equestrian show jumping course rode well, with a number of clears and problems throughout the course, over all classes.

Emma Jackson on ‘Magheradrommond Lad’ had two fences down and was the sole contender in the OCNC1*. Emma was first out cross-country, adding a few time penalties. In fact, time penalties cross-country sorted out the results in all sections, as overall the course caused very few problems with no real issues.

Dave Collins on ‘Rupert Diamond’ claimed first place in the CNC1* class, while James O’Haire had a busy day riding four horses to claiming second on ‘HFS Eclipse’ and third on ‘King Candy’. Emma Jackson was fourth on ‘Carra Lux Quality’, while Charlotte Dixion came fifth on ‘Harison’, ahead of Trevor Smith in sixth on ‘A Hint of Red’.

In the CNC1*A class, Florence Campbell on ‘Emperor G’ had a fabulous round and, even with time penalties was the clear winner, while Lindsay McIvor on ‘Drumreagh Actress’ finished second – this combination having won the EI 100A at Glaslough 1, with Aoibhe McGrath and ‘Bridgemans Renaissance Man’ in third.

12 competitors took on the EI 100A class, with Anne O’onnell and ‘Wivollet Lady’ adding just 0.8 time to knock dressage leader Grainne Baxter on ‘Cillbhird Splash’ into second, ahead of Stephen Martin and ‘Butterscotch Major’ in third, who benefitted from a costly four faults in the show jumping phase by Kate Latimer’s ‘Ardnglass Choco’. There were a few sat nav malfunctions in this section.

In the EI 100 class, Tori Dixon on ‘Mawillan’ was the clear winner, finishing on a dressage score of 24.5, ahead of Emily Corbett on ‘LKC Diamond Legacy’ in second (also taking fifth on ‘Sportsfield Cosmo’), with Suzanne Hagan on ‘Tax Break’ in third and Casey Webb on ‘The Cherokee Flight’ in fourth, while Daisy Duggan made the trip from Wicklow worthwhile claiming sixth on ‘Renkum Lad’. Daisy had two other horses in this class.

The EI 100J winner was a speedy Nadine Dunne on ‘Rico Zippy Sparrow’, ahead of second placed Archie Wilding on ‘Ballynollin Sirrocco’, who had a costly eight faults show jumping, while third went to Malliahd Magee on ‘Dakota Cruise’.

The EI 90 classes once again saw a lot more combinations inside the time, with a few problems scattered around the course. In the 22 strong EI 90A class, the top three placings all finished on their dressage scores; clear winner was Jenni Nixon on ‘Coolmount Cruise’ on 22.8, ahead Nicola Wray on ‘Lady Grey VI’ in second and Hannah Thompson on ‘Ballylurgan Diamond Prince’ in third.

Ellis von Cramon on ‘Lough Conn Laura’ was first in the EI 90 class; close second was Holly McGahan on ‘Paddy van Ringo’, while David O’Connor and ‘House Elf’ finished in third, once again finding the Glaslough hills no problem.

Work is already underway for the Area 17 Pony Club Tetrathlon on Saturday, July 14, which will incorporate variation on the route and fences with Border Counties Riding Club on July 22.

A big shout out goes to all the volunteers, who helped run a successful day- there has been lots of very positive feedback about the atmosphere at this venue, located in a very scenic location.


Saturday, June 30

EI Glaslough 2

O/CNC: 1) Emma Jackson, Magheradrommond Lad.

CNC1*: 1) Dave Collins, Rupert Diamond; 2) James O’Haire, HFS Eclipse; 3) James O’Haire, King Candy; 4) Emma Jackson, Carra Lux Quality; 5) Charlotte Dixon, Harison; 6) Trevor Smith, A Hint of Red.

CNC1*A: 1) Florence Campbell, Emperor G; 2) Lindsay McIvor, Drumreagh Actress; 3) Ailbhe McGrath, ; 4) Poppy de Courcy-Wheeler, Seapatrick Land Stop.

EI 100A: 1) Anne O’Donnell, Wivollet Lady; 2) Grainne Baxter, Cillbhrid Splash; 3) Stephen Martin, Butterscotch Major.

EI 100: 1) Tori Dixon, Mawillan; 2) Emily Corbett, LKC Diamond Legacy; 3) Suzanne Hagan, Tax Break; 4) Casey Webb, The Cherokee Flight; 5) Emily Corbett, Sportsfield Cosmo; 6) Daisy Duggan, Renkum Lad.

EI 100J: 1) Nadine Dunne, Rico Zippy Sparrow; 2) Archie Wilding, Ballynolin Sirocco; 3) Mailliadh Magee, Dakota Cruise.

EI 90A: 1) Jenny Nixon, Coolmount Cruise; 2) Nicola Wray, Lady Grey VI; 3) Hannah Thompson, Balllurgan Diamond Prince; 4) Ami McNeice, Just SJ; 5) Hannah Thompson, Jemeela Charm; 6) Jo Evans, My Festy Dancer.

ON FORM: Florence Campbell on ‘Emperor G’ on their way to winning the CNC 1 star Amateur class at Glaslough 2. (FW27-592JG)

EI 90: 1) Ellis von Cramon, Lough Conn Laura; 2) Holly McGahan, Paddy Van Ringo; 3) David O’Connor, House Elf; 4) Susan McDonald, Paulank Pepper Pot; 5) Casey Webb, Orchard King; 6) Shanie Murphy, Jacks Dandie.


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