Support and cheer at Saintfield Show despite the heavy rain

Saintfield Show BR Farm
RUNNERS UP: Zara Sharvin and ‘Paintball’ were runners up in the Open 153cm Pony Working Hunter class at Saintfield Show. (FW25-565NN)

THE 74th Annual Saintfield Show got off to a rocky start, with early morning consultations as to whether or not organisers would have to cancel due to very heavy rain overnight and forecast showing rain for the rest of show day. Committee members met with land owner Peter Lawson early on site and, with his full support, the decision was made to go ahead. The committee would like to express their extreme gratitude to the entire Lawson family, who not only provided the venue (which many people have commented is perfect for the show), but additional support throughout the day – even giving a push for vehicles stuck in the mud.

Peter’s catchphrase for the day was ‘it’ll be grand’ and his cheery attitude and support for the show made difficult conditions much more manageable.

NOVICE WORKING HUNTER: Elaine Scott and ‘Castle Haven Diamond Mary’ competing in the Novice Horse Working Hunter class at Saintfield. (FW25-564NN)

Organisers would also like to thank long-term sponsor CES Quarry Products, who not only provided their usual monetary sponsorship for the show, but when conditions were deteriorating on Friday afternoon, provided stone to the site to improve entrances to try and combat the wet conditions. Thanks also go to James Shaw and Crosby Cleland, who literally spent all day on the tractors – they towed the vehicles in and towed them out, again with a cheery attitude. Thanks also to the Doyle family, whose hard work and dedication not only made the show possible this year with site changes etc, but their work is ongoing as Sean repairs the site after the poor conditions.

Organisers would also like to thank the competitors, spectators, traders, judges, stewards and sponsors, who braved the horrendous conditions to support the show. Most of the careful planning was abandoned on Saturday morning and organisers just had to make the best of a bad situation – the kindness and support from literally everyone they talked to whilst caked in muck and soaked to the skin really did make it all worthwhile. All feedback has been positive and it was lovely to see the showing community coming together to support the show.

Thanks also to Maggie McQuiston, who gave a great commentary all day, and to new exhibitors this year Rep-tails, D-Coy and the Mounted Games Association of Northern Ireland. Saintfield Development Association also provided great support by manning the gates.

Plans are already underway regarding next year’s show and organisers have new ideas for attractions and additional competitions, such as a sheep dog trail and Dressage classes.

The treasurer is not looking forward to balancing the books, as the gate money from spectators was obviously down given the weather conditions. However, the committee is very optimistic about the future of the show and intend to organise a couple of fundraisers in the coming months to help with funds for next year’s show – which will be held on Saturday, June 20, 2020!


Saturday, June 15

Saintfield Show

Ridden Hunter Championship (classes RH1-RH5, all horses to be ridden)

RH1 – Hunter, mare or gelding, 4 years old: 1) Sarah McClelland; 2) Shelley Boyle.

RH2 – Lightweight Hunter, mare or gelding: 1) Yvonne Pearson; 2) Jamie Smyth; 3) Shirley Anderson.

RH3 – Middleweight Hunter, mare or gelding: 1) Helen Thompson; 2) Camilla Buller; 3) Sarah McClelland.

RH4 – Heavyweight Hunter, mare or gelding: 1) 128.

RH5 – Best Small Hunter, mare or gelding: 1) 136; 2) Emma Connolly; 3) Rachel Lennox.

RH6 – Ridden Irish Draught Mares and Gelding, 4 years and over: 1) Camilla Buller; 2) Camilla Buller; 3) Sara McClelland.

Cob Championship (classes RH8 – RH10) sponsored by Caroline McBurney Equine Photographers

RH7 – Lightweight/ Heavyweight Maxi Cob: 1) Dawn Kerr.

RH8 – Lightweight/ Heavyweight Mares Gelding: No results.

Riding Horse Championship (classes RH09-RH10)

RH9 – Mare or gelding. Riders to have attained their 15th birthday before 1st January of the current year: 1) Victoria Laverty; 2) 1301; 3) Camilla Buller.

RH10 – Coloured Riding Horse, mare or gelding. Riders to have attained their 15th birthday before 1st January of the current year: 1) Camilla Buller.

RH11 – Ridden Connemara Horse, 4 years and over. Riders to have attained their15th birthday before 1st January of the current year: 1) Megan McCully; 2) Gillian Steenson.

RH12 – Entry Fee £12 for Members of Racehorse to Riding Horse Ireland Only: 1) Alistair Donaldson; 2) Camilla Buller.

Working Hunter Ponies

Class WH1 – Open Working Starter Stakes: 1) 144 Oliver Kinnear, Millcroft Gilgamesh; 2) 103 Andrew Sharvin, Archill Lass; 3) 102 Mya McMullan, Kilmood Lily.

Class WH2 – Open 133cm Working Hunter Pony Class: 1) 106 Maia Carson, Lily.

Class WH3 – Open 143cm Working Hunter Pony Class: 1) 137 Anya Teuton, Lisrua Star.

Class WH4 – Open 153cm Working Hunter Pony Class: 1) 108 Emily Hawe, Crannard King of Hearts; 2) 110 Zara Sharvin, Paint Ball; 3) 145 Abby Cummisky, CSC Apache Dove.

The McPolin Family Working Hunter Pony Championship

Champion: 137 Anya Teuton, Lisrua Star; Reserve Champion: 144 Oliver Kinnear, Millcroft Gilgamesh.

Working Hunter Horses

Class WH5 – Open Working Hunter Horse: 1) 142 Gwen Scott, George; 2) 152 Terry Smith, Frankie; 3) 140 Dr Karen King, Diamond Queen; 4) 146 Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass.

Class WH6 – Novice Working Hunter Horse: 1) 143 Gwen Scott, Autumn; 2) 150 Neil Morrison, Damo; 3) 120 Rosey Herron, Solitaire Rusty Brown; 4) 128 Gwen Scott, Tom.

Class WH7 – Cob and Small Working Hunter Horse: 1) 134 A McDonald, Beech Burn Lass; 2) 147 Nikki Cullen, Tango Lad.

Working Hunter Horse Championship

Champion: 142 Gwen Scott, George; Reserve Champion: 143 Gwen Scott, Autumn.

Show Jumping

Cross Poles: Tori Beckett, Little Miss Zummer (drew prize); Emily Wade, Honey; Charley Watson, Bow; Grace McKee, Little Miss Zummer; Lucy Baird, Pinky; Emma Baird, Pinky; Lauren O’Rourke, Boomer; Tabitha Cullen, Thorn; Beth McKee, Little Miss Zummer.

Specials: Izzy Irwin, Tink; Zara Reid, Josie; Catherine Moore, Tink; Henry McCarthy, Zara; Carla Mullen, Shadow.

50cm class: Zac Watson, Casper (drew prize); Ellie Murphy, Buzby.

Specials: Charlotte Moore, Flora & Fauna; Zara Reid, Josie; Issac McCarthy, Joey; Carla Mullen, Shadow; Katie Niblock, Millie; Aurelia Mayne, Dylan; Sophie Herron, Ben; Mia Dickson, Thorne.

60cm class: Alannah Eddie, Chutney (drew prize); Amy Long, Millie; Sophia Madeley, Alfie.

Specials: Elle West, Bobby; Amy Breeze, Lily; Zara Reid, Josie; Aurelia Mayne, Dylan; Caitlin Dodd, Hollie; Katie Niblock, Millie; Sophie Herron, Ben.

70cm class: Mia McMullen, Lily (drew prize); Sarah Turley, Lucy; Ailis Thompson, Ruby; Pippa Crutchley, Joe.

80cm class: Cara McNabb, Leo (won prize).

90cm class: Niamh Smyth, Vichnakelly Vision (drew prize); Kevin McNally, Skylight.

Mounted Games

Teams – Open: 1) Co. Down; 2) Co. Armagh; 3) Co. Antrim; 4) Co. Fermanagh.

Individuals – Open: 1) Sam Woodrow; 2) John Hamilton; 3) Grace Doherty.

Individuals – Under 17: 1) William Hamilton; 2) Erin Dunseath; 3) Katie Smith.

Pairs: 1) TJ Cubitt & Robbie Coleman; 2) Lucy McKechnie & Molly Davidson; 3) Timothy McNab & Amy Coleman; 4) Hannah Stats Howard & Annie McMillen; 5) Therese Doherty & Joseph Doherty.


Stallion: 1) Suzi Truesdale, Pablo.

Gelding: 1) Robert Wallace, Romulas; 2) Tristan Wallace, Remus; 3) Suzi Truesdale, Mango.

Mare: 1) Yolande Truesdale, Daisy; 2) Skye Tomlinson, Fudge 3) Becky Figeria, Silver Jubliee.

Young Handler: 1) Skye Tomlinson, Peanuts; 2) Amy Spiers, Daisy; 3) Rose Steward, Denis.

Driven: 1) Suzi Truesdale, Denis; 2) Robert Wallace, Oberon.

Young Stock: 1) John Tomlinson, Tinkerbelle; 2) Nyree Blakely, Blossom; 3) Mathew Shannon, Othello.

Turnout and Condition: 1) Alana Figueira, Pablo; 2) Amy Spiers, Daisy; 3) Jamie Casson, Mango.

In-hand Champion: Suzi Truesdale, Pablo; Reserve Champion: Robert Wallace, Romulas.

Best Opposite Sex: Yolande Truesdale, Daisy.

Driving Champion: Suzi Truesdale, Denis.

Miniature Horses

Stallion: 1) Lesley Hamilton, Kool Perfection; 2) Amber Williams, Rufus.

Mare: 1) Caroline Clint, Summer Rose Dress Me in Rubies; 2) Annabel Eldon, Supreme Dreams Miss Devine; 3) Grace Bell, Kwaimoon Summertime Special.

Gelding: 1) Lucy Bailie, Glenhollow Captain Twinkletoes; 2) Hayley Stokes, Glenhollow Thrill Seeker; 3) Jannie Clarke-Gibson, Ballygown Moonlight Magic.

Young Stock: 1) Lesley Hamilton, Tonnaghs Sealion Leo; 2) Rhinon Tuton; 3) Lesley Hamilton, Silversmith Splash of Warpaint.

Turnout and Condition: 1) Lucy Bailie, Glenhollow Captain Twinkletoes; 2) Jamie McCann, Summerrose Rockstar; 3) Lesley Hamilton, Kool Perfection.

Young Handler: 1) Lesley Hamilton, Silversmith Splash of Warpaint; 2) Zara Stokes, Glenhollow Thrill Seeker; 3) 450 Shetland

Solid Colour: 1) Caroline Clint, Summer Rose Dress Me in Rubies; 2) Lesley Hamilton, Kool Perfection; 3) Zara Stokes, Glenhollow Thrill Seeker.

Broken Colour: 1) Lesley Hamilton, Silversmilth Splash of Warpaint; 2) Annabel Eldon, Supreme Dreams Miss Devine; 3) Amber Williams, Rufus.

Champion: Amber Williams, Rufus; Reserve: Lucy Bailie, Glenhollow Captain Twinkletoes.

Heavy Horses

AH7 – Yeld Mare: 1) E Murtagh, Coveys Miss Annie; 2) J Cross, Castletown Crystal.

AH3: 1) J Drummond, Bratlach Queen of Hearts; 2) J Cantley, Drumhill Lady Zoey.

AH10: 1) Lucy Cross, Castletown Crystal.

Heavy Horse Champion: E Murtagh, Coveys Miss Annie; Reserve: J Cross, Castletown Crystal.

Traditional Cobs

Over 13hh In Hand: 1) Louise Delaney, Marvellous Melvin; 2) Sara McComb, Texas Lone Star.

AH11 – Ridden Cob: 1) Peter Murdock, Jessie; 2) Sara McComb, Texas Lone Star; 3) Louise Delaney, Marvellous Melvin.

PRIZE WINNER: Alannah Eddie and ‘Chutney’ drew the prize in the 60cm show jumping class at Saintfield Show. (FW25-563NN)

Champion Cob – J McHale Plaque: Peter Murdock, Jessie; Reserve Champion – J McHale Cup: Louise Delaney, Marvellous Melvin.


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