Suzuki is the ATV of choice for estate manager Paul Childerley


SUZUKI is delighted to announce well-known estate manager and prominent gamekeeper Paul Childerley as the latest Suzuki ATV ambassador.

Suzuki’s affiliation with Paul is through the supply of a KingQuad 500 to add to his existing fleet of Suzuki quads, which he will use to facilitate the management of over 30,000 acres of estates.

The supply of the new KingQuad 500 is through Suzuki’s authorised dealer MKM Agriculture, which has sold Paul his previous Suzuki ATVs.

Coming from a family background of gamekeeping, Paul was introduced to a wide variety of country field sports at an early age, but game and rifle shooting have come through as his true passions, which he has turned into a career.

From becoming a gamekeeper and then an estate manager, it naturally led to Childerley Sporting being established in 2011. Based in Bedfordshire, England, Childerley Sporting covers all aspects of game shooting over two well established estates. They manage over 30,000 acres of estates for the wild deer, managing the stocks to produce a healthy and balanced population. They are rated number one in the world for managing Chinese Water Deer.

Paul said: “I have been using ATVs throughout my career and have tried and tested every brand on the market but I have been running Suzuki quad bikes for over 10 years with fantastic satisfaction and reliability for the job. I only put my name to products I truly believe in and this is definitely one of them.

“With-day-to day gamekeeping duties, ATVs are put through their working test as a fully loaded vehicle that can be driven over a variety of terrain and in all weathers. Suzuki ATVs are always reliable, easy to drive and comfortable to ride.

“Childerley Sporting Gamekeepers and Guides all use the ATVs as an essential part of equipment for everyday work.”

The Suzuki KingQuad 500XP has recently been awarded the status of best ‘ATV in its category’ in a media group test. High praise indeed – and both Suzuki KingQuad 500 and 750 models benefit from a number of key features that make them a delight to ride. The classic Suzuki T-shaped seat is extremely comfortable for all-day use and the ergonomic riding position means that these machines are easy to handle and steer.

The front suspension, steering system, power steering system, rear stabiliser, and the chassis frame all combine to deliver excellent straight-line stability as well as sure-footed handling when cornering and improved manoeuvrability.

These improvements make the machine easier to ride as shock levels are reduced and less rider effort is required when travelling over diverse terrain. The super-smooth automatic gearbox also delivers proven reliability as well as strong engine braking for confident downhill travel.

The Suzuki KingQuads also have a range of features such as additional storage compartments and a handlebar-mounted headlight, which directly contribute to enhanced usability and practicality. In addition, the multi-function instrument panel is easier to view and also includes a service reminder icon.

Then, once the ATV is with an authorised Suzuki dealer for its service, the work itself has been made easier through the re-design of some body parts that make some components, such as the fuel filter, easier to access.

With its tried and tested products, Suzuki has carved out an enviable reputation for being the ‘go to’ brand for the supply of ATVs into farming and agriculture, as well as achieving notable sales into other markets such as land management and gamekeeping.

Look out, too, for some limited-edition colours, with the 500XP being available in white, camouflage and black and the 750XP being available in bronze and black, in addition to the standard red or green.


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